Stop Taking it up the Gass Tank.

As a member of the Canadian Taxpayer Alliance, we have a petition for the Province to take HST off food and fuel!

Across Canada, government rakes in no less than a third of all gasoline prices, some Provinces much more! With gasoline prices more than double what it should be wholesale, even with global demand, political unrest, and inflation, you are expected to smile as the price fluctuates down a piddly five cents.

It’s time to stop taking it up the gass tank.

Canadians, instead of government being a protector of your rights, ” Mobility Rights…

6. (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province” our Federal government is destroying them.

(Canadian Constitution)

Government manipulation of our mobility rights on an honest market is unconstitutional no matter their weasel wording to the contrary.

I’m getting signatures! We will stop the collusion between government and private “partnerships” that create oligopolies, high prices, and great harm to Canadian producers and workers. We demand honest, market prices! We demand our energy to live and prosper be free of government manipulations. We demand the separation of economics and state!



TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: –

WHEREAS the imposition of the HST on Food And Fuel has and is creating great harm to the people and that this practice is Dispicable, Disgraceful and Dumb!

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

That you immediately remove the Provincial part of HST Tax on Food and Fuel.

Name (printed)________________________

Address (printed) + Email use 2 lines if needed_______________________________


Canadian Taxpayers Alliance, Email Please complete and return to us by mail at Canadian Taxpayer’s Alliance, Unit 603-61 Waterford Dr., Toronto Ont., M9R 2N7. Provincial rules require that we present the original document not copies!

Phone# 416-245-7778


Add as many lines for signatures as needed. I went out and distributed 250 copies of this petition, went to work and obtained two pages of signatures  in twenty minutes. I wasn’t expecting so quick a demand so will print 50 copies more for just my work associates. If you wish to revamp a petition for your politician, feel free to use this idea. I squeezed this in but you can format your own how you wish. There is rumbling and a rotten mood here in Canada over gas prices and hydro (home) fuel prices since people know it is politicians doing it. I hope the entire western hemisphere rises up and kicks out environmentally manipulators – all of them and elect honest, leave us alone leaders.

For a clear understanding of energy prices and information, I highly recommend the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights  website and also check out Alex Epstein’s Face book pages for detailed information.

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Official Police Complaint

Anarchists had run amok downtown Toronto during the G20 summit, destroying police cars and doing extensive damage to shop windows.Now, believe it or not, it is the police on the defensive for their overwhelming use of force under attack by the anarchists lawyers and disenchanted “public.” Well I thought, who the hell will hold the anarchists and make them explain why they did what they did?

Summary of my complaint to the Toronto Police Board.

I made a same formal complaint also to the Ontario Ombudsman. The complaint is in essence as follows: 

The Toronto Police Services Board does not include the verbatim transcripts (rationalizations) anarchists give for their destructive behavior.  The police do not show what the ideas (websites, telephone calls, words and propaganda anarchists relied on that motivated their destructive behavior. This would help the citizens of Toronto understand why and how these criminals came to be.

If this isn’t understood, a review hearing aimed only at police “harassment”  will be a mere sounding board if all facts are not exposed.

Such destructive ideas that anarchist rely on cannot be stopped by legal force, which would be totalitarian, but stopped by exposure and letting reasonable citizens understand the dangers their own youngsters are in. With exposure, individual citizens can take up the responsibilities of correcting the ideational errors.

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G20 Individual Rights Walk and Promotion

The few friends and I that promoted individual rights at the G20 are ok. We got away from the crowd of protesters a few mere minutes before the ridiculous “professional” anarchists began breaking windows and taunting the police.  We were right in the middle of that crowd promoting America’s Tea Party and individual rights, then the “black block” as the tactic is called – started. We were getting squeezed in as they donned their handkerchiefs and started staring down and yelling back at the line of police guards. They ended up destroying property and torching police cars.

However, we had our say about individual rights as the basis of freedom and our promotion of America’s Tea Party movement, with about 7 local media interviews: Chezk, Polish, Epoch Times, “Now” magazine, etc. There were also university researchers, and a video interviewer that will put my message on Youtube. I’ll be informed later about that.

The Epoch Times (Chinese dissidents against communism) did the most thorough interview with me.

The friends that made it there stuck with me all the way and I’m proud of them. Our walk began at noon. It was raining heavily and we got soaked, but kept on. The rain dissipated about an hour and a half later and we got busy challenging the communists, socialists and other “entitlement” groups there by waving the American flag and handing out, “What the Tea Party Movement Must Stand For.”

A lady named Elizabeth” was really great. She did a lot of distribution and talking to people.

We were right in the middle of all the socialists and communists and unions proudly waving the Tea Party message, the Individual Rights message and distributing the Ayn Rand Center’s message on the Tea Party.

A lot of on-lookers took pictures of the American flag and our Tea Party’s sign, “America was instituted to secure Individual Rights!” The other side of the sign stated, “Remember Tea Party America.” I alternated the sign so most people would see both sides.

I just hope enough got the message. I think so since I took a lot of insults from the socialists. People would come at me saying. ” Your a ##*#! racist. You’re pathetic! “You’re in the wrong ##!!++# country!  Etc.”

The police were there to keep order. They’d told me to “keep moving” since I stayed too long in one place, some people would start chanting against me, “Tea Party Bulls##t! Tea Party Bullsh##!” I simply ignored them since I was there to promote the Tea Party and individual rights to on-lookers, not get entangled with hardcore socialists. What we are the most encouraged about were the interviews. I hope they air.

At the end of our walk and before we left, I waved my flag and the same message in Sid Ryan’s union crowd. He is Canada’s most famous union spokesman. He was making a pro union speech. I get quiet and personal satisfaction from this since I had worked hard at ousting a Social democrat years ago, by writing the then Premier, Mike Harris for individual rights. Mike Harris had actually written legislation for individual rights to be implemented into Ontario’s union position. Again years later, union leades still decry how Mike Harris had “done incredible damage to the union by this code.”  

The anarchists began breaking windows and taunting the police mere minutes after we moved away from the “professional” rioters.  

It’s our first time being this open and public so I will look for any Tea Party and individual rights message to show on some of the local media I mentioned. 

At the interviews I repeated basically the same ideas as the following.

Interviewer: Your message caught my attention. What brings you here?

Ted: I’m here to bring awareness to the most evaded and neglected political principle of our time, both by protesters and politicians. that principle is individual rights! The various groups here say they are fighting for freedom but one cannot be fighting for freedom unless one has the principle of individual rights as its base. Individual rights is not only the most neglected political principle, but the most critical political principle, that’s very much needed today.

Individual rights  means protection against intrusive government and against the majority. It also means protection from entitlement, from the government confiscating my money for altruistic causes, which many groups here are demonstrating for.

Interviewer: But your message is American. Why are you showing that message here?

Ted: Both Canada and the United States, in fact all countries need the principle of individual right in order to have freedom. In Canada the principle of individual rights is implicit, but in the United States, it is explicit, but all countries need the principle in order to be free. Another reason is I just love America.  

The “NOW” magazine interviewer surprised me by saying, “This is a socialist crowd, what are you doing here?”  (NOW magazine has been an openly socialist promoter since its inception).

Ted: That’s why I’m here to show an alternative, to show the importance of individual rights, property rights and the right to the pursuit of happiness, of one’s own produce, one’s own treasures.

Some student protesters were seriously curious about the Tea Party sign and took the time to talk to me, albeit with their university induced ideas of “social justice.” They talked about their very honest concerns about rights in their area, women’s rights for example. I simply told them group rights are a collectivist idea and for anyone to talk of minority rights, one had to recognize the greatest minority of all: the individual. 

All of the interviewers and curious took a copy of, “What the Tea Party Must Stand For.”

I was very glad to be able, again to promote Ayn Rand’s ideas. It is a lot of work to stay focused, not get riled when verbally attacked, and to get key ideas stated properly. However, it is very much worth it in this very real fight for freedom.

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Tomorrow may possibly be the day America votes for socialism.

I have written many emails to Governors, Senators and representatives against the soon to be voted Obama health care bill.

Some representatives argued but I gave moral reasons why the bill is destructive of the rights of doctors, patients and citizens. No matter how one looks at it, Government intrusion into health care is  growth of socialism.

The American people  have finally woken up in a spontaneous burst of “Tea Party” organization. These sprang explosively to fight the health care bill.

But it is more than that.

The Ayn Rand Institute has long worked on providing the intellectual ammunition for this needed change.

America The Beautiful

 With so many issues to be angry about, the Tea Partiers need a direction, a central theme to rally for. It cannot be religion, for religious morals are the undercurrent that got America in trouble in the first place with its compassionate, legal dictates  forcing citizens to sacrifice ever more of their hard earned produce.

Forced distribution angers Americans enough to organize and march on Washington – 25,000 in an instant, when needed, as today. Today is the last day until the expected vote for or against the health care bill tomorrow. Americans will be there to protest if the bill passes. Legal preparations are already underway to fight the health care bill passage. The “reconciliation process” is one way. Legal challenges to mandatory insurance is another. Several western states are already drafting legislation to protect their individuals from the insurance requirements.  

However, I would not be doing the Tea Party any justice if I didn’t name the barely hidden ogre that is overtaking America: Fascism,  for that is what over-riding (trampling) individual rights in favour of national schemes is.  That is the kind of socialism emerging.

The Furor, if he were alive today, would nod in agreement at what the Republican and Democratic governments have created today. 

The health care bill is also massive growth. Some estimate 25% growth of government in the land of the free.

In specifics, doctors will lose their rights to doctor as they see proper, insurance will become mandatory with escalating fines to the resistant – and greatly diminishing freedom to innovate new insurance schemes. Politicians perversly see government insurance  as “competing” that will bring down health costs.

From Charles E. Schumer, New York State Senator,  “the creation of new “Exchanges” through health care reform, in which insurance companies could sell affordable health insurance to individuals and small businesses. In these Exchanges, a not-for-profit health insurance company, which would compete on a level playing field with existing private health insurance plans, would help to lower premiums and exert downward pressure on the premiums of existing insurance plans.”

American politicians like this one ignore reducing regulations that hinder competition between states, plan the implementation of greater controls and interventions, and refuse to see the difference between force and voluntary, private exchange of goods and services all the while, riding on the virtues of capitalism.

The American constitution is itself  in serious danger of being forcibly pushed out of existence. American citizens are rising up.

I will be there along side Americans – fighting for a better, socialist free future.

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My Night in a Graveyard.

My Night in a Graveyard.

Posted on February 17, 2010 by  Ted Harlson

Part I

If I learned anything that dark night, it was the need to seriously question cultural indoctrination. Bad ideas are buried very deep. The daily eclectic, damaging mix we hear every day is cultural reinforcement aimed at our willingness to believe in lies, fantasies and ghosts.

The following made it clear.

It was 1:30 am and my eyes were tired from reading. It was a warm summer night so I went for a walk to refresh myself. About forty minutes into my walk on this dimly lit road I noticed an embankment about 30 feet down. There were plenty of trees, but I also detected a pathway. I was curious where the pathway might lead. I heard a creek flowing farther back.

The embankment was steep, full of tall bush and weeds but I jumped over the guard rail and slid down the embankment, working my way past the bushes and weeds. I followed a path and walked towards a yellow lit lamplight. I suddenly realized I was in a cemetery!

Headstones were everywhere. Surrounded by the dark night I moved towards the lamp light. Past the graveyard was the black, winding creek with moonlight reflecting off the ripples. It was very dark and quiet.

I laughed to myself for landing in this situation. Then I got serious. I stopped and I listened to my body, my mind and felt this nagging emotion creep up.

It was a deep quiet fear arising in me but I was also more curious to read the headstones so I moved forward.

The headstones had similar inscriptions of deceased people remembered with everlasting remembrance and love. Some were very poetic and quite creative. Whoever these people were, they were loved by their families – at least when they died, I mused to myself. A lot of good the thoughts will do the dead person now. He will never know it.

Many of the people really did believe with their references to God on the inscriptions. Some didn’t. Those who believed in God stated the dead person was now with angels or now in heaven. Others simply wrote loving thoughts of remembrance.

I paused for I kept feeling this lingering fear and it seemed embedded, a part of me but I kept looking around. I saw that people took their beliefs with them to the grave. I pondered the effects such beliefs might have on surviving generations. Will my country be better off or worse off because of these people’s misguided beliefs in the supernatural? Legacies have influence. What kind of legacies do people leave? These carried their beliefs past death but I didn’t know how much was genuine. The stronger the belief stated heaven, the less sincere it seemed. These final inscriptions did however convey their set view of life.

Perhaps they had never thought of or avoided fundamental issues and this is what they ended up with, a mystical view on a headstone despite a very real death. Then it’s crucially important to get one’s epistemology right, I surmised.

As I was pondering these things, my apprehension was again noticeable. It was vague; subconscious. It was noticeable enough that I decided to focus on it completely. I decided to identify my fear and its cause! Identifying this feeling would enable me to understanding why I had this apprehension.

Part II

There was no one in the dark graveyard but me, the street light I was under, the creek, the moonlight and silence. A slight wind and rustle of leave broke the stillness.

I sat down on a headstone to think.

I began by differentiating between my thoughts and what I was sensing, what was inner and what was out there? I focused on what was “out there” first.

There was nothing physical to fear. The creek was a creek. The pathway was just a pathway. The grass was just dark grass. The surrounding trees were just moonlit trees. Shadows were absence of light. These objects were still there as in daylight. The headstones were just headstones. The dead were dead, buried.  The moonlight was dimly lighting all the physical shapes. There was silence apart from the ripples of the creek. I am alive. They are dead.

“Out there”, I thought, is the base of all knowledge.

The creek, pathway, grass and graves, exist in an ordered, lawful way. Each element, each different thing acts according to its nature and only according to its nature. A rock is rock like. Water behaves as water. A rock cannot get up and walk. Nothing acts out of the ordinary. The dead can never rise. Everything is ordered and lawful, according to its nature. The nature of elements and laws of nature are absolute and cannot change. Things are what they are and nothing else. Existence and identity are the same reality. Reality is fixed, things exist as they are and nothing else. My looking and listening was sharp. This was the way I confirmed my thoughts. “If seeing is not believing, then thinking was useless as well.” I could see the shadowed trees. I could see the dim light. I could see the pathway and headstones. I could hear the creek. I could perceive all these things as confirmation knowing. I could feel and tear the grass with my hands. I was relying on my perceptions – as all humans do.

A dead person can never raise out of the grave, not even a Jesus Christ, if there ever was one. I thought about how ridiculous the idea was.

All the holy scriptures of any religion are untrue if they assert stories pretending the dead do rise, or spirits exist. Religion is untrue if it pretends A is not A. This was how I was thinking. I went to the ultimate, broadest, primary, – the mental base of all thought, “existence exists.” I said to myself, “This exists” as I looked around and that’s that!

The entire universe was anchored by, “existence exists”, not ghosts exist. No spirits exist, but existence exists. Reality is unchallengeable. Existence is the base of all knowledge, all proofs. Oh yes, that was how I was thinking, not hoping it was true, but knowing it could not be otherwise. My consciousness is to merely identify and affirm reality, not create reality or to imagine what doesn’t exist.

To deny existence is impossible – “Even here”, I thought, “In a graveyard.”

Reality is seen, physically felt or heard. I also reflected on my perceptions. They do not interpret reality, but grasp awareness in with their several forms; eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, etc. I trust my perceptions.

Only through our perceptions can humans know anything.  Concepts follow the nature of things. Ideas are higher level, but perception is the only method of anchoring knowledge to reality.

From existence, I moved to identity; things must exist as something. Everything that exists has identity. I thought. “But how many agree with this yet believe in an unidentifiable God? Or believe that things don’t have identity by believing that miracles happen, or that horrors can happen such as ghosts suddenly appearing to haunt them? How many believe “holy” scriptures that deny the absolute of existence? The real.

I was still trying to identify my private fear.

I had by now, isolated my fear as part of my consciousness and not, “out there” in reality.

The source of fear then was deeper in me. It had to be in my mental processes. Focusing more on my thinking. I identified my fear as a “possible action – possible danger” rooted in the following form, “What will happen? What might happen? If nothing out of the ordinary can possibly come from “out there” then what action did I fear from possible motion?

Keeping the major difference between reality and my mind, I understood it was my memories that brought the images and thoughts of ghosts, gods, and spooks coming out of the graves or appearing before me from the dark. I focused even more on my surroundings.

The thought of “getting away from here” crossed my mind so I decided to focus on this specific deep fear and face it head on to identify its source.

I purposely listened harder and more intently. Each noise I heard in the darkness, – a rustle of leaves, or unidentified noise, I willfully turned toward it to identify it. By turning away or, “getting away” I would have not faced this fear. Any shadowy shape that I imagined a human form, I walked towards – to identify it. (I purposefully headed toward anything that might make me fear). By this extroverted method, my fears diminished. Shadows ended up being just leaves and bushes, and more nature.

Yet in spite of identifying the darkness of reality, there remained a very deep apprehension. This quite fear felt a part of me. I determined to identify it completely. I was still groping for the root.

Part III

The deep root of fear was culturally induced memories I had not questioned! Those memories were not the only guilty culprit. My programmed  imagination was also guilty of projecting the memories into future possibilities in the form of, “What if this happened? What if that happens – as I’ve heard? I know reality is an absolute, yet what if a ghost does appear?

The, “what if” is the reason so many are afraid of being alone in the dark.

I remembered back to passages from Holy Scriptures telling of the raising of the dead or Holy Scriptures telling of angels, spirits or devils.

That was it! As a child I was indoctrinated to believe the holy book was true, – the dead as living, the living as dead and spirits as real or evil spirits able to torment living humans. These teachings were a form of brainwashing that remained. As an adult I had never seriously questioned them.

Even though I now profess not to believe in God, gods, or ghosts, these old, old unquestioned stories still haunted me tonight. They haunted me not because they were true, but because as I gave up the beliefs of the mystics, I had never mentally and directly confronted those fallacies. I held them as false superficially, but never deep down identified how they were wrong and to discard them and fully realize only, “only existence exists.” This night I was directly refuting the old mystics – with reality and identity. Tonight I affirmed reality by adjusting my conscious awareness only to reality, and rejecting fabricated memories of an old corrupt, indoctrinated past. The bible or any other old religious creeds were wrong by virtue of reality.

Part IV

My most surprising identification was yet to come. As I was looking at my surroundings, and in spite of my denial of religious indoctrination, I still had this foreboding, “…in spite of all your logic, in spite of all you think, still what if…” What if something, a living dead did appear? What if…

What if something did exist that I was not aware of? Though greatly diminished, I still felt the creepy, deep fear.

The, “what if” phrase was an action possibility. The identification of its source surprised me with its simplicity.

My mistake was leaving the door open just a little, “I could be wrong.” However upon examining this, I felt a little foolish leaving this possibility open. I had to do better than expect to lean on vague generalities or causeless doubt. My senses were telling me all I needed to know. I honestly felt a little foolish open for something to occur. I had already confirmed reality.

My foolishness guilt, thus fear was the attempting to pretend that something could occur in the face of a lawful existence. My guilt was my own attempt to “create” something (unknown) contrary to the evidence here. Objective reality is absolute.

That was the cause of this final doubt of reality – and thus lingering fear.  Part of it was the religious creeds I had learned as a young adult, sure, but the actual root of my fear was contemporary. It was so simple, I laughed!

It was the multitude (I mean thousands!) of movies, shows, TV presentations, fake documentaries, and stories told me since I’ve been old enough to understand words. Modern living is full of supernatural stories, heavenly, funny or evil! This constant anti-reasonable, anti-existence bombardment has negative influence.

Ever since I was young, everybody, including my parents beat into me (by peer pressure or bluff) the belief of a holy God, of angels, of devils, of ghosts, and of strange things, out of the ordinary things happening – that could never be explained.

Unidentifiable, “occurrences” are all over TV, movies, people stories, and in the holy books of every religion – in every variation you could imagine! Endlessly, everywhere you look, you’ll see a massive sales job of the super natural or sub natural.

The underlying theme of culture today is: A is not A. The underlying theme is; reality is not what it seems.

This mental corruption is everywhere from crude TV evangelists to sophisticated treatises proclaiming the futility of the mind or existence acting abnormally.

I sat still sitting quietly focusing on when and where I accumulated my fears. When I fully identified the cultural source of my fear in this graveyard the lingering doubt of reality vanished.  My fear was something quite real which came from doubting my mind, not from anything supernatural. Doubting reality was the real source of the quiet fear.

Part V

I now felt at peace. Nothing could happen out of the ordinary, out of the natural. There is no super nature, no supernatural. Any guilt and fear people feel is from doubting reality. Faith is a source of all mental deviation whether it is faith in other people or faith in God, gods or ghosts.

My deep fears vanished as I identified its source as fantasy memories, bad mental conditioning, cultural re-enforcement, corrupt and empty words, creeds and contemporary stories that intentionally don’t comply with reality. Some were just stories and movies, but too many are purposeful indoctrinations, religious or cultural lies! There are so many.

I heard fantasy stories told ever since I was young and what devastation! How many other innocent children have such mental devastation put on them when they have not yet anchored to reality. These elders are worse than dictators. They crush innocent minds by filling them with terror. That is most of the population of the earth!

So that’s that, I thought to myself. What an effort one has to go through to gain normality. I left the scene satisfied with what I learned. It was almost 3:00 am by now, so I headed back to my place to write these notes.


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Beauty of a Woman.


300 is one of my favorite movies.

The story is of the great King Leonidas of ancient Greece and what he decides to do in the face of a massive Persian invasion of his small city state, Sparta. In proper scope, it’s a dramatized true story of what King Leonidas did in the face of a threat so great to mankind that if he failed, we might not be civilized today.

Persia, held by the man-god Xerxes, dominated the known Mediterranean world by brutal force and with conquered heads of Kings, threatens to annihilate Sparta along its path.

An advance patrol of messengers rides on horseback into Sparta to tell king Leonidas to submit with a simple offering of some earth and water. Fight and Sparta’s men will be annihilated, their women will be taken, the children sold into slavery!

Leonidas seeks word from the “oracle”, an ancient ceremony involving corrupt mystics seeking direction from a dancing young girl. He is disgusted with their advice to do nothing as he is unhappy with the politicians and council to refrain from war to stop the Persians advance.

Leonidas is standing naked in his bedroom, looking at the full moon. He is trying to decide his next move.

He goes to the bed of his Queen to wake her by gently running his fingers up her exposed back.

She wakes and say’s, “Your lips going to finish what your fingers have started?”

He just looks at her and she knows something is troubling him.

Queen: Has the oracle robbed you of your desire as well?

King Leonidas. It would take more than the words of a drunken adolescent girl to rob me the desire of you.

Queen: Then why so distant?

Leonidas: Because it seems, no slave and captives of lecherous old men, the oracles words can set fire to the one’s I love.

Queen: So that is why my King loses sleep and is forced from the warmth of his bed? There is only one woman’s words that should affect the mood of my husband. Those are mine. She gently places her hands on his neck and cheek.

Leonidas opens what so deeply troubles him: Then what must a King do to save his world when every law he has sworn to do, force him to do nothing!

She is looking at him, still holding him.

Queen: It is not a question of what a citizen should do, a husband or King. Instead ask yourself, dearest love, what should a free man do?

He looks at her and understands. He has his answer. They embrace.

I look and understand.

If reason is a prime, then she exercised it in great virtue when it was most needed. She had it. So did Greece. This enactment had to true to a large extent since the dramatized story is history. Greece did have such great people and Greece did make giant moves.

The Greeks did ward off a massive Persian invasion, beginning with King Leonidas at a northern pass. He saved not just his city state and his country; he saved the future from genuine darkness and barbarism. He fought the enemy and what they stood for, religion (irrationalism darkness) and nurtured for mankind, an age of reason and freedom.

Greece at that time must have been an anomaly, – different from all preceding kingdoms. Greece was reasoning, more secular than ever seen, practical, active, and non-worshipping. The Greeks had several “gods” but they were more like fantastic, imaginary stories and fables taught to children. The rest of the world actually believed and obeyed the tyrannical mystics of their lands.

The king could not be great by himself. His secular and proud stature was shared by the citizens of the country. The people were thinkers too. So, especially, was his beautiful Queen. She revealed her beauty by offering the best, at a most crucial moment, and it was pivotal in saving Greece and mankind. Leonidas went on to fight the Persian army.

The Queen didn’t offer short sightedness, but answered the core of Leonidas question with principle. That simple expression “what should a free man do?” makes her, in my mind, one of the most virtuous and beautiful of women.



 Part II


Many women are intelligent and even witty, but what excites me and really gets me going is seeing that intelligence used honestly. Only reason can enable this.


The most attractive part of a woman is the way she chooses to turn out because of and in spite of academic education. The attractiveness is reason in action. Before I give my example, I’ll go back a little to my first part.


My previous post was a factual ideal. (Romantic realism) King Leonidas’ wife, Gorgo,  was as close to a perfect wife any man could want; independent, strong, just, willful, eloquent, knowledgeable and courageous. At a most critical moment in Greece’s history, she did not waver and yield, but stood independent alongside her husband. She upheld reason in its darkest time. 1.


She fought independently and followed through with what was most needed by Greece at the time of their military and political crises. As a result of that secularism, Greece stopped the massive and mystical onslaught of the Man-god, Xerxes of Persia and ushered in the first major spread of reason to mankind. It was this kind of wisdom and courage to stand and fight for the beginning of the Grecian enlightenment that we are all able to have and enjoy a modern life.  

Man for the first time, stood as human. It took men and women to go against everything they had been taught to uphold human principles.  


Where are these women today? Where are the strong women who have their own minds and think? Where is that continuing western constitution with its passionate goals, desire for freedom and above all, active virtue and values?


Well, there are women in the world today who think and utilize reasoning, not just intelligence.


Let me choose Dambisa Moyo, an economist, who is urging the world’s governments to stop giving aid to Africa. She has several degrees, including a PHd from Oxford and Masters from Harvard. Dambisa Moyo is not betraying the westerrn tradition of enlightenment.


Her arguments are most importantly, reasoned, simple and eloquent. The icing on the cake is she is beautiful, a pleasure to listen to. However, she has done her work and her ideas radiate with virtue.


She argues, the billions in aid to Africa has done nothing but damage, not good. Aid has made the African leadership corrupt and lazy, fighting over United Nations scraps. She is rather in favour of direct capital investment and states this eloquently and clearly. Billions in private capital development and long-lasting employment will do more than the mere millions in Aid from western handouts.


Educated in Harvard and Oxford, she is using her education properly, – not to further tribalism, or connive for more demoralizing handouts, not to finance wars, not to build any kind of tribal clan nor nationalism.


Dambisa Moyo is out to change Africa by reasoned, secular means. Since the secular (reason-based) is the moral, it is therefore practical and life promoting. It is excellent and exciting!


Dambisi Moyo is listed in Times as one of the 100 most influential people in the world today and with good reason. She is running counter to the mindless altruisim (mindless giveaways) of the West. She has researched the decades of United Nations give-a-ways and has concluded their worthlessness. As ordinary people, we knew that, but to bring that research to the academics is most difficult. Dambisa Moyo has even turned against her own teachers, which I think is brilliant – a kind of Aristotle turning against Plato,… justice.


In Africa’s dark time, she is a voice of reason.  




1. “Gorgo is noted as one of the few female historical figures actually named by Herodotus, and for her political acumen and wisdom.” (Wikepedia)



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Multiculturalism Kills.

I sent the following to my local Federal member of parliament and Provincial Premier, Dalton Mcguinty. It concerns a young teenager (Aqsa Parvez)in Canada who was murdered by her family and an attempted mis-lead by her brother when the police came to the cultural crime scene.The young girl was murdered (choked to death) by her father forrefusing to wear areligeous head covering. She had resisted before with no one to turn to inmulticultural Canada.


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 13:26:32 -0500

Dear Honourable ColleenBeaumier, (Federal MP)

Aqsa Parvez (news) was an innocent teenager who wanted to be free. It was unnecessary she die for simply wanting a better life. That is obvious. To make it clear, Aqsa Parvez chose modern dress, modern ways, (i.e. rationality) over primitive religious mores with its senseless traditions.

I’m writing you because I wholeheartedly disagree with the role multiculturalism plays in apologizing for collective and racist atrocities, including this one now.

There is nothing moral about multiculturalism.

Canada’s multiculturalism is essentially no different than the late, mighty, United Soviet Socialist Republic’s march into the future! Do you remember their visions and dreams of equality? Canada’s multiculturalism is morally no different in its equalitarianism than Nazi Germany’s sense of right and wrong, “Every citizen shall have bread, and every maiden shall have a husband.”

Multiculturalism however is shorn of idealism and is crude in its collectivism: Blatant race promotion. (See Canada’s Multiculturalism Act).

However, the person is what is important. The single, individual, human being is what is most important, – not any collective – for any reason. The “I” must reign supreme, protected, promoted, and – sovereign – above any “we”.

Had this been true, immigrants would be better off. That’s why they come to Canada – to change, to expect something better than stultifying religious mores, senseless traditions and corrupt political systems.

Had individualism and not multiculturalism been promoted and implemented in Canada, Aqsa Parvez would likely be alive and protected by this rationality. She would likely have been encouraged by her father to seek independence, and not been killed for it. Rational values promote life.

As a citizen of Canada to your responsible position, I’m going to ask two things of you:

  1. You be honest. It takes honesty to recognize the individual is the fundamental political unit.
  2. Fight for individualism. Ignore the old political hacks and out of touch academics. Aqsa Pervez and other kids like her are not to be betrayed.

If you wish any help from me, I’ll willingly do what I can to help abolish Canada’s multiculturalism and laws.

Please contact me below.

Ted Harlson

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Live Earth Reflections

Company blog from D..B.. Canadian CEO to company employees…..and my reply,
So did you see any of the “Live Earth” concerts over the weekend?
I wonder if Mr Geldof could have imagined what he had started all those years ago with “Live Aid”?
Back then, in 1985, the idea of a one day show, from multiple locations, with so many bands, broadcast live around the world was pretty much unique. I was living in England at the time and desperate to go down to Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately I was stuck in a tiny (and very hot) meeting room attending a sales training course. That was bad enough – but even more annoying:one of my best friends did attend, and do you think that I have ever heard the last of it? (He is even on the official video.)
About 20 years later, I caught up with Bob Geldof at the Palais Royal in Toronto; me and a couple of hundred die-hard Boomtown Rats fans. Great show, but it did not quite make up for missing the big one all those years earlier.
What is incredible about all of these concerts is the way in which they raise awareness about issues that both impact and unite people right across the globe. It really makes you think, not only about what you’re doing personally to support a greener world, but what businesses and organizations are doing worldwide in support of the cause.
I’m proud to say that we’re doing our part at [this company]and that the environment is becoming not only a stronger focus for us, but also a strategic part of our business plan.
So I thought this might be a good chance to recognize one of our often unsung groups – the properties team – and share with you some of the great work they’re doing to reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing the amount of energy we use at our facilities. Not only does this save us money, but it also helps us to lower greenhouse gas emissions which, of course, has a significant impact on the environment.
So – a quick list for you (some of the terms and names are a little technical for me, but you’ll get the idea):
•Direct digital control systems (DDC) are being installed in some stations to control consumption levels of things like lighting, heating and air conditioning.
•Sensor technology is being installed in warehouses to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% when areas are not occupied.
•Select stations are being retrofitted with T8 technology on fluorescents, which reduces voltage by about 40%.
•And, of course, we’ve started to use new, lower wattage lights in our facilities.
We also can’t overlook what we’re doing outside of our facilities either. Over and above the hybrid vehicles we’ve integrated into our fleet, [our company]supports a number of organizations that are committed to environmental issues. For instance:
•[Our company] sponsors the annual CN Tower Climb to benefit World Wildlife Fund Canada.
•[Our company] provides funding and recruits employee volunteers for PITCH-IN CANADA to support their community clean-up initiatives and to help them develop ongoing programs to keep Canada beautiful.
•And this year, one of my favourites,[our company]also supported Tree Canada by purchasing trees that are planted in communities across the country.
That’s a really quick overview; there is lots more happening. But it gives you a good idea of some of the initiatives both inside and outside of our locations.
This past weekend really does make you think about what we are all doing to support a “greener” lifestyle. It is amazing that, in the course of just a few years, things like drinks in plastic bottles, recycling garbage and using low voltage light bulbs are already part of everyday life. But what struck me about Saturday was how many more simple things can make such a huge difference like making sure your car tires are properly inflated, removing your name from junk mail lists and unplugging your phone charger.
Easy ideas. And that is the great thing about these concerts – they make us stop and think!
The downside of Saturday’s concert?
Well, one of my colleagues (who sits very close to my office) was at the show in New York and do you think I will hear the last of it? Just goes to prove that some things don’t change!!!
So what “green” habits have you incorporated into your life? What else can we do at [our company] to help protect the environment and conserve energy? What have you seen people or businesses doing that’s impressed you?
Let’s talk!
PS – If you’re stuck for ideas on how you can make a difference, check out the Live Earth Web site. Lots of good stuff on there, plus – as a bonus – photos and video from the concerts.
Dear Mr. D B,
I’m sorry to say I disagree with the entire “green” fad. To me, it is a new religeon. Scientists disagree with too much and besides, much of the “green” revolution originally stems from the left behind leftists who lost the “new left” campaigns to turn America into a socialist state, and turned green instead. (Your right about the envy part).
True capitalist work, itself is a process of effeciency of resources, time and effort – not with an “invisible hand”, but in a process of individual freedom. That freedom must be preserved to the utmost from encroaching government controls, including controls stemming from dubious claims about the environment. Thank you, Ted. employee #.

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To My Company…

Hi…Sent to several Managers,

It is wonderful [this company] is expanding. However, I have a very legitimate

concern that China is STILL a very communist country. Businessmen generally

have been pragmatic about despot countries and this has not been the best

or a very good policy. I cannot celebrate this company’s drive into China

without first going in with eye’s wide open and in a critically moral


If the drive into China is with American government sanction, – even then

I’d be cautious since Governments too have been too pragmatic and less

principled on these issues.

Please relay my concerns to upper management. It’s not hard to find stories

and issues about China’s continuous violations against human rights.

Thank you very much, Ted.



Sent:, June 28, 2007 9:43 AM

To: All Staff.

Subject: FW: Official Launch of Domestic Services in China.

[Energetic blurb of our companies drive into China and India.]

China, along with India, will be huge economic engines in the decades to

come. The launch of domestic service in China is a fantastic move on our

part,…..t….(immediate manager).

The terse reply was: “Your concerns are duly noted.” Period.

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Open letter to my Government.

To my Prime Minister and localgovernment representatives. Idon’t like this so called “low intensity warfare against terrorism.” It isn’t right. Fighting war in a straightjacket of altruism is just asdestructive as governmentssingle minded obsession with global”competativeness” – in a straightjacket of sacrifice to the “environment.” Both are anti – freedom and very destructive. I’ve mailed this letter to my Prime Minister and several Senators in my Province.

DearPrime Minister, House of Commens, Senators, I’m concerned today’s war on terrorism is a pretense. My overall sense tells me our brave soldiers are dying needlessly. My early years in school, talking to older people about World War II, and reading of better library books, I see today’s war is not being fought with the political goal to win by decimating the enemy: Totalitarian Islam. World War II leadership identified the enemy! Society then had a “Kill the bastards, every one of them” attitude and the military pushed hard against Nazi Germany and Shinto, kamikaze Japan. Our leaders knew who and what the enemy was and did not side with them by feeling for them as the attitude is today. Every effort was made in WWII to utterly destroy the enemy; destroy their generals and politicians; destroy their soldiers and spies; destroy their supporters of every kind in their cities, hiding places, including civilian women and children.

By contrast, today’s compassionate welfare type effort against terrorism and not its root, totalitarian Islam, is undermining the war and emboldening the entire Middle East, not to mention corrupt Russia and communist China. Today’s so called “compassion” is creating needless deaths and a darker future.

Please, let’s stop valuing the lives of enemy countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran over the lives of our own courageous soldiers. Welfare and war is a hypocritical mix, – and I think people sense it.While many Canadians do not want the war to continue, I believe they simply do not like this hypocritical method of current politics to war. If a clear goal to kill and utterly destroy the states that sponsor terrorism is not implemented, the tactical, “war against terrorism” will keep losing ground here and abroad.

Let us determine to retaliate against the Islamic threat by killing 100,000 totalitarian supporters for each and every single Canadian soldier or Canadian civilian killed or held hostage. It is this kind of moral clarity that is needed to properly fight – and win – this war.

Let us fight against this barbaric, religious tyranny and not sacrifice one more soldier needlessly. Remember what WWII general George Patton stated, “It’s not your patriotic duty to die for your country. It’s your patriotic duty to make the other damn bastard die for his!”

If Canada’s goal is not to quickly and completely decimate the Islamic threat, then the greatest disrespect and dishonor is returned to every brave soldier and every brave soldier’s family who has believed in the West and its secular foundations of life.


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