”Those who fight for the future, live in it today.” – Ayn Rand

The problem is of communicating, highly abstract, philosophical ideas to people who are not philosophical – or who may never become philosophical.

I was talking with an objectivist as I drove him back from his lecture here at the University of Toronto. We ended up talking about my religious background and how I got free from its clutches. When I got into religion, I told him, I was very young, and the bible was made for me through its child-like, simple stories. There is no philosophy in it but repetitive “human” stories after stories of blatant acts of altruism.

Later, reality itself saved me from religion by its metaphysical absolutism, but I said it was the simple stories told of direct, human activities that capture – and replace cognition in the minds of readers, who hold to their faith. It is not philosophical treatises, abstract theories, or even a hint of mental effort required of readers that has kept billions locked in a living death for centuries. I didn’t even see the full relevance of this until much later.

Even today, government media like Canada’s CBC radio and TV does not fill its viewers with complications, but fills the viewers with HUMAN stories, human events, and human actions that are fully loaded with altruistic intentions. Equally loaded are stories of collective “warmth”, community, family, and non-profit altruism. People couldn’t be bothered to go to a dictionary to learn what the word altruism means, but are fully immersed in it by virtue of the stories they’ve heard and remember.

I see objectivism today as the, “Terminator” (movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, as Sara O’Conner.)

We, as objectivists may well be a future race, out to replace the rotted, conventional corrupt structures today, but people only see our titanium skeleton, and are horrified and terrified at the sight of this strong and new because they don’t understand it. They don’t conceive it as human.

Objectivism is new and can displace a threatening dark future, but who recognizes it?

Art condenses abstracts to a visible concrete in simple, perceptual form for people to understand. Simple, human story telling is a highly effective, long-lasting art form.

Ayn Rand knew this and fully displayed it with, “Anthem”, “The Fountainhead”, “Atlas shrugged” and her early stories. A new foundation for man has been laid out in story form, not just philosophically by Ayn Rand, but where is the flesh today? Where is the warmth and humanity in objectivism? I’m not implying mush, but I do believe stories, human stories are a method for cutting right through all the eclectic mix of today’s various levels of society.

To conclude, here’s my own personal observation. Objectivists are in the growing thousands, hundreds live right here in Toronto, Canada – but are invisible. Objectivism’s powerful ideas are here and on the internet, but where’s the face, the living principles for others to see? What does he do? Does he eat? Does he smile? Who is he or she? Is it real? What are his goals? I’m guilty myself of not condensing Ayn Rand’s brilliance into living art. People learn from others.





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If We Can Make it Happen

I am working with a small group who wish Yaron Brook to come and speak in Toronto as soon as the weather warms. Late spring? Summer?

If you don’t know, Yaron Brook is the leader of the Ayn Rand Institute, a very successful think tank for a new philosophic approach to ideas. This approach, in complete opposition to the conventional, dry repeats we hear every day, has the power to reinvigorate our culture, and absolutely, positively change your life!

If you wish more information on this organization, please google: Ayn Rand Institute or AynRand.org will get you there as well.

If we can make it happen, you may hear about it in one of Ontario Canada media spots. Stay tuned.

– Ted.

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Moral Relativism: Ontario’s educational problem

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A few Letters to Canadian politicians re: Creeping Sharia

In response to Canadian Indians aligning with the government of Iran, I proposed Canada cut off all funding related to this aligning.

I should have gone even farther by insisting Canada cut funding to the Assembly of Fist Nations since these organizations “unofficially” communicate by consensus, meaning, all Indian leadership agree, before deciding on actions such as the delegation to Iran. They all know what’s going on and are all equally guilty. Silence in condemning Iran and Islamic totalitarianism is consent.

Here is my letter to John Duncan, cc. Stephen Harper, and Foreign Affairs Minister, Baird.

Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012

Dear Honourable John Duncan,

It has come to my attention that the Ojibway tribe, along with American Indians have resorted to seeking relations with the government of Iran.

Understanding that Iran is one of the greatest threats, if not the greatest threat to North America, I am demanding that Canada sever all economic funding and cultural ties with the Ojibway tribe and cultural organizations.

For decades Canada has given millions upon billions of dollars to the “Assembly of First Nations” and if the Ojibway tribe and related organizations in their mutual cooperation with Iran, begin building a relationship that are known to be undermining the west and western values, then Canada must immediately sever all funding with the Ojibway people in Canada including the, “Assembly of First Nation” since this points to and is indicative of their highest aims and goals.

It is critical to realize that silence is consent. This news of the Ojibway going to Iran is on APTN news, a Canadian Indian news network across Canada. No one in the Indian community has reason for not understanding the ominous consequences of supporting a known terrorist regime like Iran with its proven record of deceit, hatred and outright murder and use of chemical weapons.

Iran’s support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia has a direct impact on international efforts to promote peace in the Middle East, threatens economic stability in the Gulf, jeopardizes the tenuous situation in southern Lebanon, and undermines the growth of democracy.

Iran has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in support to Lebanese Hizballah and has trained thousands of Hizballah fighters at camps in Iran. Since the end of the 2006 Israeli-Hizballah conflict, Iran has assisted Hizballah in rearming, in clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. Is this what the Ojibway are seeking? With native conflicts in Ipperwash and Caledonia, it would seem so.

In addition, Iran remains unwilling to bring to justice senior al-Qa’ida members it detains, and refused to publicly identify those senior members in its custody. Iran has repeatedly resisted numerous calls, not just from the United States, to transfer custody of its al-Qa’ida detainees to their countries of origin or third countries for trial.

The above does not even address Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president of Iran. Since 2005, he has been a developing Iran’s nuclear power contrary to orders from the United Nations Security Council to stop it. He has called for Israel to be”wiped off the map.” This goal includes mass murder. His second election was stained with the blood of his own people, so his record is clear.

To ally with Iran is akin to allying with pre-Nazi German storm troopers as it was ushering in Hitler.

As a reasonable an upright citizen, I am demanding your government, in cooperation with the provinces, and municipalities, end all and any economic support for the Ojibway organizations and anyone related who seeks Iranian relations. This includes the, “Assembly of First Nations.” These organizations must publicly denounce the Ojibway and American Indians desire for relations with Iran. Silence here and now is consent. Murderous cultures are not equal.

Canada must not condone or support in any way, known regimes that are trying to overtly or covertly undermine our western values and freedoms.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply and willingness to stop it.

Ted Harlson

The Response:

November 7, 2012

Dear Mr. Harlson:

Thank you for your correspondence September 6, 2012, concerning an Ojibway tribe seeking to establish relations with the Government of Iran. I share your concern over the potential development of such relations.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canda’s mandate is to support Aboriginal peoples and Northerners in their efforts to: improve social well-being and economic prosperity; develop healthier, more sustainable communities; and participate more fully in Canada’s economy – to the benefit of all Canadians. Potential relations between an Aboriginal community and the Government of Iran will not support the efforts of Canada to achieve this mandate.

Furthermore, the Departments Aboriginals representative organizations’ funding policy governs the distribution of funding to eligible Aboriginal representative organizations for political advocacy, membership liaison, policy development, and project implementation. In order to receive funding, an Aboriginal representative organization must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the policy and be able to demonstrate that it is mandated by its members to meet reporting requirements as outlined in the funding program’s terms and conditions. The funding received under this policy program may not be spent to promote engagement with countries such as Iran. Additional information on the Aboriginal representative organizations’ funding policy can be found on the department’s website: aandc-dnc.gc.ca

My colleague, the Honourable John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, can address specific issues on Iran. I will provide his office with a copy of your correspondence and this response.


John Duncan, PC, MP

c.c.: The Honourable John Baird, PC, MP


Another letter.

What would you say to an MPP (member of Provincial Parliament) who promotes Muslim religion, spokesmen who want to limit freedom of speech?


Dear Hon. Linda Jeffrey,

I was invited to an inter-faith symposium at Harold M. Brathwaite Senior Secondary public school a few Sunday’s ago. You were moderating discussion between several different religion speakers; Hindu, Sikh, Reformed Jew, Christian, and Muslim.

Looking around the room, I saw the Muslim women were physically separated by a make-shift wall from the Muslim men and other attendees. This was clearly wrong according to equal treatment of men and women. My question is why you were a moderator of such irrational behaviour, especially as a representative of Ontario.

However, my continuing question arises from the stated desire of the Muslim speaker who specifically stated his Mosques desire to limit freedom of speech. This is wrong and unacceptable!

This is not to be taken lightly or to sanction by silence. I think you should have spoken up as (moderator or not) and condemned the idea. It was not a friendly high school debate you were moderating. You were sitting as a representative of a member of provincial parliament. You represent all the people of Brampton.

Freedom of speech is the pillar of a civilized and free society. If a government wishes to become a dictatorship the first obstacle to full control is eliminating freedom of speech. The first step is to set “conditions” to freedom of speech, but freedom of speech is crucial and must not be limited if Ontarians are to have any kind of a future.

Totalitarian Islam is the proper concept in identifying and summarizing Islam’s continuing war against the west. It has not abated with approximately 20,000 reported physical attacks to spread this faith’s movement around the world since 911!

Islamic totalitarianism is continuing its physical aggression and, “creeping Sharia” (Islam domination by stealth) will not stop, especially after the complete withdrawing of our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. America’s befuddled no-war war (a war with no goal to actually win) has only emboldened the believers of Islam. Take an honest look at Europe’s tolerance problems now – if you wish to know what I mean.

1. When will you and your party stop sanctioning creeping Sharia in Ontario, specifically in Brampton? Muslims have many different variations of their faith, but all the variations have the same fundamentals; Koran, “8:39: …fight until the whole world submits to Islamic law.”

2. The last time neo-mystic global movements threatened the world, North America did fight back until the Nazi and Shinto movements were thoroughly, unconditionally defeated. There was no multiculturalism to mask the enemy and to silence the people.

3. When will this provincial government recognize Islamic totalitarianism is a threat that is to be treated as a threat! For this, religion and politics cannot be joined. Put another way, the province of Ontario cannot have as its rule and guide, any mystic religious influence; neither Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or any other religion large or small. The sole authority of the Province of Ontario is derived from all the people of Ontario therefore governing is this-worldly, secular and must be objective in nature. Reason must prevail as Ontario’s ruling principle.

Thank you. I look forward to your reply. What will you do to ensure continuing freedom of speech?

In sincerity,

Ted Harlson

Brampton Ontario


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Ontario’s phoney healthcare deficit reductions.

The following is a media release concerning Ontario’s current political party’s deficit fighting plan for healthcare in Ontario.



Sep 102012

Freedom Party of Ontario


For immediate release


An Open Letter to the People of Ontario from FP leader Paul McKeever

Ladies and Gentlemen of Ontario:

In the coming days, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party will attempt to grab headlines with a phony plan to tackle the budget deficit by reforming health care delivery. It will be a phony plan, because it will propose no reduction in health care spending and so will have no impact on budget expenses.

Just as former PC leader John Tory did before, Tim Hudak’s PCs will again propose more private delivery of health care, and argue that more private delivery will make health care more cost efficient. As the PC party president wrote on September 8, 2012, the PC proposals: “…will be based on our belief that we can’t grow our economy, or balance the books, without reforming the delivery of health care – the single largest provincial program expenditure.” There are two main problems with attempting to balance the budget by reforming health care “delivery”:

1.Health care already is privately delivered.

Physicians are not government employees. They are private business persons who are paid by the government for the services they delivery to patients. Private clinics, similarly, are paid by the government. If Tim Hudak’s PCs refuse to de-list health care services and refuse to cut health care spending, government money simply will go to more private clinics instead of to hospitals (some of which are, likewise, privately owned).

2.Increased delivery efficiencies can have no effect on the budget if the government’s health care spending is not reduced.

So long as the Progressive Conservatives maintain that they will not actually cut spending on health care, any promised increase in delivery efficiency will not reduce government spending and so will not decrease the budget deficit. Even were it possible to find efficiencies sufficient to prevent increases in health care spending, any balancing of the budget would not be attributable to such efficiencies. Rather, such balancing would be attributable only to increased revenues, or to decreased spending on other matters.

Ladies and gentlemen, despite the PCs’ claim, the PC health care delivery proposals will have nothing to do with balancing the budget, because the proposals will not include an actual reduction of government spending on health care as compared to current levels of spending. The effects of the PCs’ health care delivery white paper can only be:

1.to create the appearance of proposing fiscal responsibility, without actually proposing it;

2.to shore up dwindling support on the right by creating the false impression that the PCs are proposing a political “hard right turn” while in fact remaining advocates of the socialist, anti-free-market, single-payor, government monopoly health care system the PCs introduced in 1969; and

3.to distract from condemnation the PCs have been suffering as a result of union bashing.

In Freedom Party of Ontario’s 2012 Opposition Budget proposals, and in our recent by-election commercial, Freedom Party criticized Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak for false promises to eliminate Ontario’s massive budget deficit without reducing spending on health care and education. The Tim Hudak PCs’ recycled proposals to “increase efficiencies”, “reduce red tape”, “eliminate waste”, etc. in the delivery of health care will not change the fact that will remain after the release of the PC white paper: Ontario’s PCs, like the Liberals, have no authentic plan to eliminate Ontario’s budget deficit.


Paul McKeever

Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

For further details, contact:

Paul McKeever, B.Sc.(Hons), M.A., LL.B.

Leader – Freedom Party of Ontario

e-mail: pmckeever@freedomparty.on.ca


Or email:  tharlson@hotmail.com

Freedom Party of Ontario member.

Brampton, Ontario

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The Refusal To Identify the Enemy – still.

From Canada’s Toronto Star, May 12, 2012. Verbatim.

Pentagon course taught Islam is enemy




WASHINGTON. A course for US military officers has been teaching that America’s enemy is Islam in general, not just terrorists, and suggesting the country might ultimately have to obliterate the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina without regard for civilian deaths, following World War II precedents of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima or the Allied firebombing of Dresden.

The Pentagon suspended the course in late April when a student objected to the material. The FBI also changed some agent training last year after discovering that it, too, was critical of Islam.

The, teaching in the military course was counter to repeated assertions by US. Officials over the past decade that the US. is at war against Islamic extremists, not the religion itself.

“They hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you, Unless you submit,” the instructor, Army Lt.-Col. Matthew Dooley, said in a presentation last July for the course at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va.

The college, for professional military members, teaches mid-level officers and government civilians on subject’s related to planning and executing war.

Dooley also presumed, for the purposes of his theoretical war plan, that the Geneva Conventions that set standards of armed conflict are “no longer relevant”

He adds: “This would leave open the option once again of taking war to a civilian population wherever necessary (the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki being applicable…)”

His war plan suggests possible outcomes such as “Saudi Arabia threatened with starvation . . . Islam reduced to cult status” and the Instructor has been teaching that D.S. might eventually have to destroy Mecca, Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia “destroyed”

A copy of the presentation was obtained and posted online by Wired.com’s Danger Room blog, The college did not respond to The Associated Press’s requests for copies of the documents, but a Pentagon spokesman authenticated the documents. Dooley still works for the college, but is no longer teaching, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said.

Dooley refused to comment to the AP, saying “Can’t talk to you, sir:’ and hanging up when reached at his office Thursday.

A summary of Dooley’s military service record provided by the army shows he was commissioned as a second lieutenant upon graduation from the US. Military Academy at West Point in May 1994. He has served overseas tours in Germany, Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq. He has numerous awards including a Bronze Star Medal.

In what he termed a model for a campaign to force a transformation of Islam, Dooley called for “a direct ideological and philosophical confrontation with Islam,” with the presumption that Islam is an ideology rather than just a religion He further asserted that Islam has already declared war on the West and the U.S. specifically.

The course on Islam was an elective taught since 2004 and not part of the required core curriculum. It was offered five times a year, with about 20 students each time, meaning roughly 800 students have taken the course over the years.

Though Dooley has been teaching at the college since August 2010, it was unclear when he took on that class, called ”Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism!’

The joint staff suspended the course after it had received a student complaint, and within days Dempsey ordered all service branches to review their training to ensure other courses do not use anti-Islamic material.

On Thursday, Dempsey said the material in the Norfolk course was counter to American “appreciation for religious freedom and cultural awareness.”

It was just totally objectionable, against our values, ‘and it wasn’t academically sound:’ Dempsey said when asked about the matter at a Pentagon news conference.

In a July 20n presentation, Dooley described his purpose as generating “dynamic discussion and thought,” while noting that his ideas and proposals are not official U.S. government policy and cannot be found in any current official Defense Department.

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Wish to try this promotion?

You agree with Ayn Rand’s philosophy and are looking for avenues to promote her


Why not teach a class to elementary or high school students? Here is a near proven way for you to accomplish just that!

Here is what I did and it is through an American parent Association; Junior Achievements. This American association began in Boston and has spread throughout the globe mentoring and introducing students to the “real world of work out there.”

I applied through Junior Achievements Canada  Volunteers simply fill out an application form with contact information, information on previous volunteer work and why one wishes to  volunteer.

Since I had taught elementary children about the safe use of hand  tool at a Boy’s and Girls club in my tewnties, I had a background. I also listed I was a volunteer with a local citizens group and with the Toronto Taxpayers Alliance.

I’m sure there was a check, and I was accepted. What surprised me was the immediacy in which I was allotted a school to teach an all day class. I taught a class entitled, “Diversity in Action.” I took the training then taught the class with many of my own ideas and experiences to give as a clear picture as I could about the idea of diversity and its place in social views. I reinforced individualism as well as groupism and how to look at groupism. I praised individual effort where I saw it. In other words, I contrasted diversity with individualism so the students would have a choice, which I see as critical.

One of my resolutions this year is to learn as much as I can about multiculturalism, including its core principles, its Federal, Provincial and municipal applications as well as how it is disseminated throughout the culture. I was surprised to learn diversity is now being taught to as low as grade two in Ontario.

Here is some of what I learned. The definition here are direct quotes from the diversity handbook and which students see in their workbooks:

Ethnicity: Someone’s ethnicity or ethnic background is defined as where his or her ancestor’s (family) came from. It does not mean where the person was born but where past generations were born.

Ethnicity influences customs, language, celebration, foods, etc.

Culture: This includes a number of traits in a person’s life like religion, ethnicity, and values.

Nationality: The place where a person is born or becomes a citizen.

The root problem here was the vagueness of the definition of ethnicity. I thought the definition was not honest. The definition of ethnicity has been watered down to mean merely “background” supposedly understood as, “family background” with tradition implied and race blanked out

of the definition. “Background” referred here to a student learning for the first time would look to his family background and conclude this is what ethnicity means (while knowing ethnicity has something to do with his color or race). The evasion of obvious race and color in the JAC definition is why I claim the definition is not honest and which causes confusion in the students minds. Race in the above definition is unspoken, and is a part of ethnicity which a student would have to learn in the “street” but it is not part of this definition.

A student looking at another person with “difference” as an underlying concept would obviously see a color and racial difference. He is supposed to ignore this and pretend there is no physical difference and agree ethnicity is family background? The student cannot then evaluate the obvious difference if it is ignored.

The Class itself

I’ll just mention a few topics I went over in class. It was on this point I said skin color was a factor in ethnicity, but then brought back the Junior Achievement’s program’s statement of “not judging other peoples thoughts and ideas.”<BR><BR>I explained of course it is not right to judge a person by skin color since skin color is something a person has no control over. One cannot ask to be a color or a race so this is simply a fact. This is one’s background.

Next class, I’d like to talk more on this point. “But we do judge” I explained and gave an example of a person that you know who you think is good. One day that person steals a bike, maybe your bike.” You cannot continue to think of that person as good any longer. You are judging that person now to be bad for stealing. So what are we judging? (I didn’t wait for responses). I went on to explain judgement is on the actions of that person who chose to do bad. We judge that persons bad choices and actions. Skin color is not judged and is superficial. Skin color does not matter.

The students were a bit confused here because the (overhead) rules clearly stated during this class, “Do not judge each other.

“Everyone has different experiences and holds a different view. This is an opportunity to share those views and to learn from each other, not to judge whether they are right or wrong.”

I explained this means do not judge before all the facts are in. One must gather more facts and enough facts to come to a conclusion about a situation and others. One cannot judge by a first look at a person. One must know more facts in order to come to a proper judgment. Volunteering in this way is an excellent way for Ayn Rand admirers to begin their own methods of changing the culture. It is pro-active, local and effective. Junior achievement has many other subjects you may like to try. I am thinking to do another class with a much greater degree of preparedness, and a much better grasp of how to contrast diversity from individualism. The true aim of diversity is to have students indoctrinated with tribal collectivism, but in a diversity class, I had to choose my words in a way to neutralize it.

A higher grade class would openly question the discrepancies. It is very nervy wading in on this education territory. Words must be carefully stated and kept very positive in order to be successful.

If you have any questions from me, please ask. I realize this is my first time wading in the enemies territory, but with this first foray, I hope it may pave the way towards more of the same. Students need to know a rational alternative exists.

I was in a strange situation. Here I am teaching a diversity class and working to undermine its principles. I didn’t know how far to push it without directly saying diversity is bad for you and a corruption. I think I solved the problem by emphasizing the individual efforts of some and pushing

diversity to a “de minimis” status. I could not outright say in a diversity class, diversity is wrong. What a simple, complex war of words in such an environment. In a country like Canada where multiculturalism is now part of this countries constitutional “fabric” (Multicultural Act) what I did was revolutionary. It may be much easier there where divesity is still mainly academic.

I’ll say it is much better to forthrightly teach say, a class on Anthem, but where I am, it is currently unthinkable. Entering by some means, and forming a reputation as a volunteer teacher, talker, or “community leader is a great stepping stone towards promoting better ideas.

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Jan appeals to American’s Great Ideal 1919

America’s great idealism is clearly seen and understood. This idealism has done more to destroy her than all her enemies put together.

The setting is the birth of a great new world order of peace and security built on altruism. Specifically built on altruism. This idealism was not questioned, even as the Soviet Union was being forged by the hammering of millions by the same sacrificial morality. The League [of Nations] is in trouble.

Observe the morality explicitly stated below in the New York Times, then understand the continuing bloodbath that followed a mere 20 years later. The words below from the New York Times are word for word.


January 26, 1919

New York Times

Headlines Read:

League of Nations Plan is Adopted; Peace Conference Acts on Wilson Plea, Strongly Supported By Lloyd George

Conference Acts Quickly

First Address By Wilson

Lloyd George Warmly Voices Great Britain’s Support of The Proposal

Delegates of Great Powers on Peace League Commission

Paris, January 25. – The delegates of the great powers on the League of Nations, it was learned tonight, will be:

For the United States – President Wilson and Colonel Edward M. House.

For Great Britain – Lord Robert Cecil and General Jan Christian Smuts.

For France – Leon Bourgeois and Ferdinand Larnaude, Dean of the Faculty of Lawof this university of Paris.

For Italy – Premier Orlando and Viterio Scialola.

For Japan – Viscount Chinda and K. Ochial.

The delegates of the small nations will be announced later.

November 20, 1919

New York Times

Headlines Read:

The American Senate session ends, Treaty is Defeated; Three Votes Taken, 39 To 55, 41 To 50, 38 To 53; May Be Reviewed At The December Session

Urged The Senate To Save Europe


Gen. Smuts, in Belated Mes –

sage, Pleaded That We Not

Blast the Worlds Hopes.




South African Leader Said

League Alone Could Prevent

Dissolving Civilization


JOHANNESBERG. Union of South Africa.

Nov, 19 (Associated Press). – Lieut, Gen. Jan Christian Smuts, British member on the league of Nations Commission, in a “message from South Africa to America” appeals to America “not to blast the hopes of the world” through non-ratification by the Senate.

[This appeal was received in the offices of the New York newspapers just a few moments after word came from Washington that the Senate had adjourned without acting on the treaty.]

General Smuts says:

“I am told that the League is in danger in the American Senate. I can scarcely believe it. But if so, may I send a message from South Africa to America.

“My people are a small people, my voice in their behalf is weak. But the greatest leaders in America before now have listened to me.

“I trust my appeal will not be resented. I appeal to America not to blast the hopes of the world. America has established a great record in the war. She has always shown herself capable of the highest altruism. When human freedom was endangered and appealing hands were stretched out, America rose to the height of her great opportunity. shamed the cynics who believed she was merely bent on money-making and rushed whole-heartedly to the rescue of those great human ideals for which the allies were fighting. Her great act of unselfishness and moral idealism in the most critical stage of the war saved world democracy.

“Today the world is no less endangered, the machinery of the League is wanted to save civilization from dissolving into fragments, from falling into decay. It alone can save tottering Europe.

“No nation put more faith, more effort into the construction of the League than America. It now only remains to ratify and pass the covenant. Even distant Asia is represented. Japan has given her approval, while America alone hesitates and falters.

“Will the greatest leaders now lag behind the racks? I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that America will, after all, block the way, that the purely American viewpoint will be allowed to over-ride the wider interests and necessities of our own civilization in the greatest crises in history.

“America has proved true to the best ideals of free and peaceful government, and can only be true to herself by remaining true to these ideals as embodied in a League for the whole human race. It is in the power of America to lift the heavy weight of despair which today is bearing down Christendom. We all pray for her to do so. We pray for her to sign the great covenant and complete the work for humanity which she so unselfishly set out in the war to do.”


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Socialized medicine in Canada II

Novembr 27

I have not taken any codeine pills since waking up today. My side has been continuously sore and the swelling has not gone down, – nor increased. I have a new thought. A wicked thought that no! it cannot be true! It can’t be real, not this real! But if it is, then the USSR has come to Canada in medicine.

So far I have been to the hospital several times, being run through procedural tests. After nothing major wrong has been found with my side, “whatever it is” has been brushed aside by the doctors not caring enough (by adherence to procedure) to find exactly why my side has inflamed and causes me this aching.

I’ve talked my problem over with my family doctor who seems the most personally concerned but even she seems willing to “wait and see what, if anything more develops.”

This process of care is not at all what I imagine care should be like. I have long imagined this: I go in with a physical problem, the doctor looks, assesses the problem. A specialist is called if necessary. Then the problem is corrected if possible. At the least, I would be told what is happening and possible cures. But that is not what occurred here. I was diagnosed for possible very serious problems first, which did not target my problem at all. What caused that? It was not the evidence. It was procedural, and expensive.

This process is run off the same whoever enters the hospital. The emergency cases are given priority.

The process is slow, so slow that people actually die waiting for care or suffer much longer then need be if things were different. I understand the solution is completely private practise in medicine, but that is not my focus here. My focus is on my new thought.

Concerning my answer, I can conclude the Ontario Medical Association is completely aware of the patients that die or suffer from Canada’s lack of quality government run care since they are a main political lobby group that submits their expertise for political decision-making. They kicked back my letter, shoving me off to a local politician.

With the administration, and political leaders knowing of the people dying or suffering in Canada’s government run medical system, why are they ferociously holding to public health care – even as they know it is failing? The leaders of Canada’s health care system would rather hold to an abstract that professes care than actually doing care. It’s part of Canada’s egalitarian, altruistic adherence.

Holding to an abstract they know isn’t working in “real life” what then is the principle actually at work if it isn’t the facts? Henry? the bum was almost thrown off the train, but Dagny Taggart saved him. He told the story of the twentieth Century Motor Company and how the workers voted on the new plan of sharing profit and losses. The real truth the bum said was not that any worker believed the guff, but each wanted to cheat reality a little bit for an unearned gain. This loathsome bit of dishonesty brought out the worst in people and brought down the company.

I don’t see doctors actually believing altruistic work is right. I also don’t believe Canada’s political leaders actually believe their plans to run health care is working or is right, so then what is their dirty little secret – their bit of dishonesty? What rotten piece of philosophy are they willing to hide behind?

Whatever it is, is the premise of death – and I think they (Ontario Medical Association leaders/local politicians) know it. I think it is that horrible.

December 1, 2011  (Letter to my sister)

I am doing better. I have not taken any of the codeine pills for several days now and am still able to walk around now. It is  worst in the morning when I first wake up, but now at least I am off those pills! My left side is still swollen and I worry a little if it may “poison” the rest of my body in some way just by it being stagnant and unmoving. My family doctor has taken another blood test and I must make another appointment to see the results. I’ll complain again of the swelling that hasn’t, “gone away” and ask if anything can be done. I suggested last time I poke a small hole in my stomach and drain it, but the doctor didn’t comment or give me feedback. I don’t think she thought I was serious about it. I’ll ask again if I can take this initiative. Sounds gross, but it is the fluid build up that is probably pressing my other organs and that’s most likely the aching feeling I get in the morning.

It takes almost an hour of moving and walking around before my body “adjusts” and I can continue without noticing it too much. About half the day, I hardly notice it.

Its utterly amazing how Canada’s health care system has spent thousands of dollars on me in the last few weeks yet has not fixed what was wrong, and hasn’t even identified what it is! I was run through a mill, but was not seen as an individual. My family doctor did ask questions and looked the longest. She even asked for some history. I told her about my hernia when I was about 8 years old (I don’t remember it at all). However, the doctor didn’t know for sure.

I have slowed down in my activities. Mentally, I stopped – or was stopped. This was actually a good thing since I have now come to review my direction and what was motivating me and driving me. I have come to think a lot more of my own life on a more physical plane. I’m not thinking morality, but I am very introspective during this time. As long as I keep reason as an absolute, I’ll be fine.

Take good care of your own self.

Dec 4 2011 7:11 am.

I woke with my side a little more sore than usual. The

swelling hasn’t gone down. I’m not taking codeine anymore.

It has stopped looking like a “torn muscle” but I don’t know. .

I have an appointment with my doctor this week so I’ll ask what can be done.

A specialist, I hope will be recommended. Otherwise, I am trying to focus normally again and ignore this side. I am so far behind in work I should have finished by now; study of local municipal activities, more reading on The Freedom Party of Ontario’s updates, emails to interested frineds in Toronto, keep up with ARI’s and Centers latest, etc.

Dec 5 2011.

I finally get what I want – a specialist to look at my side! The doctor asked me that today as I went for the results of my blood test. If she didn’t mention it, then I was going to ask. I mentioned how it still ached in the mornings, but smoothed during the day. She said “It should have gone by now, but since it hasn’t, How do you feel if I refer you to a surgeon.” (specialist). I agreed readily. “Good choice, I would have recommended that also. The specialist will have his / her secretary call me to set up an appointment.” I was glad.

Now this is strange. I hope (whatever it is) doesn’t go away so it can be identified. Personally, I hate the mystery. I hope the appointment can be within days.

I tried doing push ups today, but couldn’t due to feeling it ache and pressure as I did only six. It felt like something might “burst inside my left” so I stopped. Something is clearly wrong. Usually I do thirty when I feel like it.

I hope I’m not disappointed in the specialist. I hope he doesn’t “practise” on me for anything. The specialist will be forwarded all the latest test I just ran through so in a way, I just hope he slits my side open and takes a good look around and siphons any “junk” out and I leave, taking it “easy” for a few weeks. I hope the specialist works on evidence not “procedure.”  I want this identified and over with once and for all.

Dec, 17, 12:26 AM. I’ll be working all night, but I have the specialist appointment tomorrow mid afternoon. I’m looking forward to it since I may have a chance to finally find out what the condition is. The other day, I noticed an increase of “activity” in my lower stomach, left side. I don’t know what it was, but it just could be strained muscles. I have to concentrate constantly to look like I’m walking normally  – so not to limp. I don’t want people to know.  (but those sharp notice). I have started on my last year accomplishments list as a base for this coming years resolutions. I hope to accomplish more than ever. There must be a theme to my life. It must be a good one, but I haven’t hit the ceiling yet. I’d love to see a huge socialist sector collapse this year and people suddenly realize how important businessmen are. I don’t mean I wish to see the economy collapse. In part it is happening in the environmental field. Canada has left Kyoto (good riddance) and just today announced new free and open permits for nannys to work without being saddled to one employer  for a duration. Christmas is a difficult period for being serious, but I want to begin the new year right. In taking new responsibilties, I will this year claim “leadership” as a personal drive and attribute. I will look for ways to change my surroundings. I will study more and use my objectivist knowledge in application to my problems. If the worlds getting worse, I’ll be getting better.

January 16, 2012

It’s this coming week before I (finally) get to see this “specialist” about my side. I have felt no “pain” only discomfort, sometimes aching, and lately, a strange pressure after I eat on the same left side.

A fact I must accept is in Canada, people have become worse in health waiting for treatment. I hope this has not been the case with me. I hope that it is rather a diminished problem, rather than a complication due to the wait I have had to do. I will not speculate, but will do all I can, and say all I can with the specialist when I see him this coming week. It seems a rare privilege to finally see this doctor, I don’t want to waste the time I will have with him. He is a surgeon and exceptional. I just hope he is well rested, without stress and focused come my turn to be diagnosed. I hope he gets it right.


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Letter to Ontario’s Medical Association

I live in Ontario, Canada’s largest populated province.

Canada’s healthcare “system” is a real system, a bureaucracy that is slow, unresponsive, and causes death and suffering to patients. It is socialized medicine implemented by Conservatives, dreamed up in the 1950’s by a communist follower: Tommy Douglas.

I have a swelling of my left side which I suspect now may be a hernia re–visited. The first time was when I was about 8 or 9 years old, so I don’t remember it, except for a visible scar. That’s my best guess what I am experiencing. In a few day’s, I’ll learn of results of an ultra sound scan that may identify my problem. In the meanwhile, I want Canada’s healthcare system to de-regulate to enable doctors and nurses to care and be able to act for their patients.


November 20. 2011

Dear Ontario Medical Association Board, members,

I am suffering from swelling on my left abdominal of still unknown origin after x-rays, CT scan, and checks by several hospital doctors according to laid out, followed hospital procedures.

At Brampton Civic Hospital, the way I have been input, output, funneled, registered, re-registered, entering and exiting, is the same procedure as work at my own transportation company – except I’m a person. There are so many files, they are processed the same. If a certain check didn’t compute, rather than being free to look and examine closer at, “the data”, I am rejected.

I was told by the hospital doctor, the swelling was, “perhaps your love handles.” That angered me a little. I then physically showed the difference of my sides. I was then told, “The human body is not perfectly symmetrical.” But to me, the swelling and pain is real. After the scanning tests were taken and the swelling not identified (and assumed not serious), I was told, “whatever it is, will go away.”

I am not going to scream at the hard-working doctors and nurses, but rather bring to your attention what you are already aware: Canada’s government run healthcare system, with its bureaucratic “efficiencies” are detrimental for individual, personal care of patients.

People get worse and in too many cases die waiting in this system of rationed treatment. Doctor’s likewise are treated as government serfs to “public need” will continue to run patients through a mill in unnecessary diagnosed treatment, costing untold billions. Although bankruptcy is inherent in all forms of socialism, respect for doctors as independent entrepreneurs is my great concern here.

I am asking you and this medical association in all earnestness to introduce freedom for doctors by working towards the only sane direction possible; private practise for doctors and medical personnal. A truly private practise would do wonders for a doctor keeping to the only promise of his profession that counts: the hippocratic oath.

A doctor respected as a trader of services would be free to return quality, innovation and expansion to this profession. For the sake of those who need care, let Ontario begin the immediate work of private practise as an alternative to government healthcare. Then I, among many others, will get care.




Dear Mr. Harlson,

Thank-you very much for taking the time to write to the Ontario Medical Association.  As the professional association for physicians in our province we advocate on their behalf in our medical system.

I must urge you to please forward your thoughts to your local MPP as they are your advocate in our health system.  You can find out who your MPP is on this website: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/go2.jsp?Page=/members/members_main&menuItem=mpps_header&locale=en

All the best,

Specialist, Response Centre, Member Services

Ontario Medical Association
150 Bloor St. West, Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3C1
email: ellie.muir@oma.org  tel: 416.340.2923  tf: 1.800.268.7215 ext. 2923  web:www.oma.org

EmailLogo.gif Dedicated to Doctors. Committed to Patients.
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


That is their reply. OMA is a major lobbying group for healthcare in Canada, but won’t touch my letter, referring me instead to my local riding association politician.

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