I don’t think character development ever ends.

Having gone through the hardest year I’ve ever gone through, my knowledge has grown differently and the same as I expected. Different, because I wasn’t expecting the altruistic adamancy from “friendly” personalities and people in the business field. I didn’t truly expect businessmen would so rigorously defend altruism and equalitarianism.

What remained the same and in fact matured were the principles I’ve learned about objectivism. By matured I don’t mean what libertarians mean, – a compromise and softening of objectivist principles. I mean I can see in more concrete terms how much objectivism is needed in this world.
As time passes, I am more certain that Ayn Rand got it right, even though associates and former friends wither away and find reasons to berate her discovered principles and edge toward cynicism and discouragement. With some associates like this and the other conventional philosophers I have met in planned coffee house meetings, I am getting a much better picture of the wide field of philosophy.
In the mean time, I work in a job! A moral money-making, productive effort as an import rep, – in the private sector. I like my work. Since I like my work, I’ve protected the morality of this companies business many times without any superior’s knowledge. The most ironic thing is, I don’t think they care (or care very much). Maybe they just don’t realize just how magnificent living like this is.I work in an environment where Government sets the tone and culture.
Words are monitored and even attitude is monitored. It’s a semi-totalitarian, setting. It took a long time for me to accept that. In spite of this, I work. I continue to say what I think is right. It’s difficult because I know there are no rules (not really) of how anyone may be fired, let go, or next reprimanded. Policy determined by arbitrary legislation is not life creating nor does it provide security. Corporate policies are mushy and slippery – used by the whim of Human Rights departments and anyone having a bad day. My test of character is saying so to those needing to be reminded and being willing to pay the price. But how else will things change for the better? 



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