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Hello all, I grew up in British Columbia, Canada with wide open fields as my back yard. The mountains were mine for me to roam. I played, ran, swam and wandered in the beautiful mountains and lakes of central Okanagan. As I grew older, I traveled across Canada to New York, then Boston. I moved back to Canada. I settled back in B.C. , only to move to Toronto where I now currently live. Although I spent my youth in natural surroundings, I have spent most of my adult life in cities, which I love. As much as I enjoy nature, I love what man has done to the earth! Man has made a living! Man has made life possible for billions who would never be alive except for skills, ingenious tools, and technology. Carving nature to suit our purposes is breath taking, not just practical! We should be glad to be alive today! For us, using our minds to live is natural.

Yaron Brook speaking in Toronto May 6 2013

Yaron Brook. President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute will speak on the morality of capitalism at the University of Toronto, May 6, 2013 Come early! Continue reading

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Scholarships available. Very interesting!

This may still apply. Check it out. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 Professor Brian Simpson of National University has asked me to make the following announcement: National University of La Jolla, CA has a limited number of scholarships available for three … Continue reading

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”Those who fight for the future, live in it today.” – Ayn Rand

The problem is of communicating, highly abstract, philosophical ideas to people who are not philosophical – or who may never become philosophical. I was talking with an objectivist as I drove him back from his lecture here at the University … Continue reading

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If We Can Make it Happen

I am working with a small group who wish Yaron Brook to come and speak in Toronto as soon as the weather warms. Late spring? Summer? If you don’t know, Yaron Brook is the leader of the Ayn Rand Institute, … Continue reading

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Moral Relativism: Ontario’s educational problem

Although Ayn Rand has articulated and shown the solution to ethics and metaphysics via an objective epistemology, too many still are not aware of the solution. Continue reading

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A few Letters to Canadian politicians re: Creeping Sharia

In response to Canadian Indians aligning with the government of Iran, I proposed Canada cut off all funding related to this aligning. I should have gone even farther by insisting Canada cut funding to the Assembly of Fist Nations since … Continue reading

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Ontario’s phoney healthcare deficit reductions.

The following is a media release concerning Ontario’s current political party’s deficit fighting plan for healthcare in Ontario. =============================================== OPEN LETTER TO ONTARIO – PC HEALTH CARE DELIVERY PLAN: NOT A “BUDGET” PLAN Sep 102012 Freedom Party of Ontario – … Continue reading

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The Refusal To Identify the Enemy – still.

From Canada’s Toronto Star, May 12, 2012. Verbatim. Pentagon course taught Islam is enemy PAULlNE JELlNEK AND ROBERT BURNS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON. A course for US military officers has been teaching that America’s enemy is Islam in general, not … Continue reading

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Wish to try this promotion?

You agree with Ayn Rand’s philosophy and are looking for avenues to promote her ideas? Why not teach a class to elementary or high school students? Here is a near proven way for you to accomplish just that! Here is … Continue reading

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Jan appeals to American’s Great Ideal 1919

America’s great idealism is clearly seen and understood. This idealism has done more to destroy her than all her enemies put together. The setting is the birth of a great new world order of peace and security built on altruism. … Continue reading

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