Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative leadership win

I wrote the following the same night Doug Ford won the leadership of Ontario, Canada’s Progressive Conservative contest.


I watched the CBC love in coverage of the PC leadership party. 

The coverage was very light hearted and kind, so affectionate was the patience and viewpoints of the host. 

The CBC coverage was more bold and ahead of other media coverage with its news reporter Mike Crawley. He did excellent work finding out what was going on ahead of the other reporters. Where he was not completely right, he was careful to say so. 

Government media (CBC) seems to me to have done a turn around this term. Prior, the CBC was highly critical of PC campaigns, demolishing them wherever and whenever possible. 

However, since Patrick Brown’s emergence of a Liberal platform, his fall and the PC party near downfall, it seems Media has helped the PC party get back on its feet. 

At the PC leadership convention, I saw many PC ancients who had their hand in bringing this great province to its knees. They, including Federal sponsors were tripping over themselves in glee to spout their worn rhetoric about PC,“unity” and winning the coming provincial election. If there is to be any new ideas there, it would probably be lifted from the pages of the Freedom Party. 

Nothing in his celebration speech mentioned anything about cap & trade, or carbon tax elimination. He said nothing about the horrid state of educational indoctrination, or about standing up for free speech. 

Doug Ford, the close winner of the vote for leadership said nothing of substance. He stated at the most Ontario will be back in business, and he will,“bring prosperity back to this province.” Any politician can state that then return a little bit of [your] tax dollars.  

I suspect Doug Ford will talk tough but tow the middle ground, that middle ground paved by Patrick Brown in order to try to win the general election. If he wins the general election, I do not expect him to focus on what the electorate wants, fresh air and freedom. We will have blue Liberalism instead of Red Liberalism.

The PC party will remain true to their colours, big government, big spending, and growing statism. 

   – Ted Harlson, Freedom Party member


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