Ontario: Exercising Property Rights

Learning objectivism as theory is critical for setting future direction and for living a good life, but professional application, as example law, can be difficult. This especially true when political influence reverses historical precedents of reason and objectivity. Clarification of rights is needed.

You may not know I am in a few lawsuits against government violations of rights. The group I’m fighting with (co-plaintiffs) is named, CANACE, (Canadians for Charter Equality). This is for equality before the law.

The organizer of CANACE, Gary McHale is holding a much needed seminar in Burlington, Ontario on fighting for your property:


Where do you stand if government unlawfully encroaches on your property? What do you say and what do you do? Do you have sovereignty? How?

I recommend buying your ticket(s) early. This will most certainly be a standing room only seminar. If you see me there, say hello.

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