Accept what life demands for living

In Raymond De Souza’s National Post commentary, 

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox are proud to be slain by ISIL for their Christianity. That is awesome

he recounts Christians murdered, bombed, and beheaded by Jihadists in the Middle East. This in his eyes’ garners admiration and praise for the murdered, “amazing grace” and “faith.” He is actually whitewashing justice.

Raymond De Souza feigns a little anger without action and instead states in awe, “It is not their (Coptic Christians) choice to be killed because they were Christians. It is their choice to receive that martyrdom precisely as Christians, strengthened, not diminished in their faith. It is an inspiration, just as those Coptic Christians beheaded on the beach two years ago whispered the name of Jesus as the Jihadists drew their knives against their necks. “Those Coptic Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East will receive no justice from North American Christians, if Raymond De Souza represents any kind of example. In fact, that very attitude friends, is a coming train wreck.

If you believe western civilization was built on Judaea-Christian values, then the above is where the faithful who are willing to sacrifice others will meet the faithful willing to be sacrificed by others. The end result is obvious, bloodshed, without justice, reason or reality. Barbaric, murderous and totalitarian regimes of the Middle East fully believe in sacrificing Western Christians who, in turn, fully believe in being sacrificed. Both sides feed the same sacrificial furnace.

Raymond De Souza’s attitude towards human life is so unrealistic as to be vile. You may say, “But he doesn’t really believe in such radical assertions.” I say, there it is. Raymond De Souza wrote it and means it, as do all variations of Christian leaders with their admiration and awe towards the act of being murdered. Sacrifice is their living glory.

In truth, they are whitewashing the acts of barbaric murderers.

It is justice to rationally scrutinize men, and treat them according to their ideas and actions. Raymond De Souza is a killer of mankind because he refuses to see justice. He refuses to see.

Contrast this banality with history from a better time.

When the hordes of mystic barbarians marched on ancient Greece, they did not bow, let alone sing praises to being murdered. King Leonidas would not sacrifice even one handful of dirt or one bag of water in homage to the approaching black Persian army. The Greeks had honor, ego, reason and reality, and therefore pride in their life. The Greeks acted with integrity and justice.

Western civilization was built on these better virtues and values of ancient Greek culture. Reason and reality were Western anchors. Had western civilization been built on Judea-Christian values, North America would still be in the dark ages.

With Raymond De Souza’s attitude, we would all revert to sacrificing and sacrifices as a norm, so let us reject Raymond De Souza’s evil sacrificial attitude in favor of justice, defending and valuing our life. Let us say no to mystic idealism here and abroad.

Let us accept what life demands for living.

                                                                                                 — Ted Harlson                  April 19, 2017

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