Tax Pit Say No! Say Yes to your own life!

This is a one pager I have been distributing around my neighborhood to counter new taxes proposed by city council. I’m pioneering the free market revolution right where I live!

Say Yes to Your own life!

Say Yes to Your own life!

Say No to Brampton’s Tax Pit

Say Yes to your own life!


Dear Neighbor,

The hole in the ground at Queen St / George St downtown is an immense tax pit that will be filled with millions of your tax dollar increases. But city council claims, “These costs will be funded by the reallocation of tax funded capital spending beginning in 2014 and not through additional property taxes.”

A growing network of bureaucrats do more than reallocate money, but Mayor Susan Fennel and council promise mere reallocation for fortressing downtown. Watch where cost increases in Brampton will emerge. You’ll foot the bill. City council and government networks cannot have its cake and eat you too.

1. “Strategic investing” is a result of your savings, not of public taxation and political favoring of funds.

“We are building the Brampton of the future right now” say’s city manager, Deborah Dubenofsky.

The truth is however,

2. “Creating jobs” is a result of private investing, not wasteful redistributive programs.

Stop for a moment and see where irresponsible governing has brought us today.


Non-productive entity

Paychecks: $100,000+ government salary club growing

Highest paid mayor in Canada

Wastes your taxes on schemes. Growing debt


Productive entity

Paychecks: Virtual fixed income

Pay increases below inflation

Little or no money left over to save. Growing debt

Tax revolts are good, justified, angry, but temporary reactions. Lobbying is special interest favoring, i.e., environmental propagation or corporate “partnering.” All favoring has diverted finances, destroyed free market growth and wasted independent energy. Politicians and bureaucrats have killed progress through redistributive, forceful strategy and modern guild building. We need to untangle this mess. The need today is to enact political freedom to break their recession. But how?

The proof of what is right and good is gauged by profit. But your standard of living has been halved by growing tax holes, burdening levies, highly restrictive rules, regulations and irresponsible market and price controls. The city of Brampton is not innocent and mean to take more!

Solutions exist but it will take more than complaining by the water cooler. The Freedom Party of Ontario has solid ideas but is virtually unknown here. I am letting you know directly. This political party understands the value of freedom based on individual rights, property rights with respect to consent. Governing with principles that respect your life as a right is still possible. But your sovereignty must be stated – and defended! You own your life!

Maybe you don’t vote, yet, your life is still important to you. Whatever route you take, you must still hold on to what’s left of yours.

A free market revolution is required. Nothing less will do

Meet: Sunday April 14, 2013. Time: 3 PM.   Where: 9 Queen St E (Coffee Culture) Downtown

Contact: Ted


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