Jan appeals to American’s Great Ideal 1919

America’s great idealism is clearly seen and understood. This idealism has done more to destroy her than all her enemies put together.

The setting is the birth of a great new world order of peace and security built on altruism. Specifically built on altruism. This idealism was not questioned, even as the Soviet Union was being forged by the hammering of millions by the same sacrificial morality. The League [of Nations] is in trouble.

Observe the morality explicitly stated below in the New York Times, then understand the continuing bloodbath that followed a mere 20 years later. The words below from the New York Times are word for word.


January 26, 1919

New York Times

Headlines Read:

League of Nations Plan is Adopted; Peace Conference Acts on Wilson Plea, Strongly Supported By Lloyd George

Conference Acts Quickly

First Address By Wilson

Lloyd George Warmly Voices Great Britain’s Support of The Proposal

Delegates of Great Powers on Peace League Commission

Paris, January 25. – The delegates of the great powers on the League of Nations, it was learned tonight, will be:

For the United States – President Wilson and Colonel Edward M. House.

For Great Britain – Lord Robert Cecil and General Jan Christian Smuts.

For France – Leon Bourgeois and Ferdinand Larnaude, Dean of the Faculty of Lawof this university of Paris.

For Italy – Premier Orlando and Viterio Scialola.

For Japan – Viscount Chinda and K. Ochial.

The delegates of the small nations will be announced later.

November 20, 1919

New York Times

Headlines Read:

The American Senate session ends, Treaty is Defeated; Three Votes Taken, 39 To 55, 41 To 50, 38 To 53; May Be Reviewed At The December Session

Urged The Senate To Save Europe


Gen. Smuts, in Belated Mes –

sage, Pleaded That We Not

Blast the Worlds Hopes.




South African Leader Said

League Alone Could Prevent

Dissolving Civilization


JOHANNESBERG. Union of South Africa.

Nov, 19 (Associated Press). – Lieut, Gen. Jan Christian Smuts, British member on the league of Nations Commission, in a “message from South Africa to America” appeals to America “not to blast the hopes of the world” through non-ratification by the Senate.

[This appeal was received in the offices of the New York newspapers just a few moments after word came from Washington that the Senate had adjourned without acting on the treaty.]

General Smuts says:

“I am told that the League is in danger in the American Senate. I can scarcely believe it. But if so, may I send a message from South Africa to America.

“My people are a small people, my voice in their behalf is weak. But the greatest leaders in America before now have listened to me.

“I trust my appeal will not be resented. I appeal to America not to blast the hopes of the world. America has established a great record in the war. She has always shown herself capable of the highest altruism. When human freedom was endangered and appealing hands were stretched out, America rose to the height of her great opportunity. shamed the cynics who believed she was merely bent on money-making and rushed whole-heartedly to the rescue of those great human ideals for which the allies were fighting. Her great act of unselfishness and moral idealism in the most critical stage of the war saved world democracy.

“Today the world is no less endangered, the machinery of the League is wanted to save civilization from dissolving into fragments, from falling into decay. It alone can save tottering Europe.

“No nation put more faith, more effort into the construction of the League than America. It now only remains to ratify and pass the covenant. Even distant Asia is represented. Japan has given her approval, while America alone hesitates and falters.

“Will the greatest leaders now lag behind the racks? I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that America will, after all, block the way, that the purely American viewpoint will be allowed to over-ride the wider interests and necessities of our own civilization in the greatest crises in history.

“America has proved true to the best ideals of free and peaceful government, and can only be true to herself by remaining true to these ideals as embodied in a League for the whole human race. It is in the power of America to lift the heavy weight of despair which today is bearing down Christendom. We all pray for her to do so. We pray for her to sign the great covenant and complete the work for humanity which she so unselfishly set out in the war to do.”


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