Letter to Ontario’s Medical Association

I live in Ontario, Canada’s largest populated province.

Canada’s healthcare “system” is a real system, a bureaucracy that is slow, unresponsive, and causes death and suffering to patients. It is socialized medicine implemented by Conservatives, dreamed up in the 1950’s by a communist follower: Tommy Douglas.

I have a swelling of my left side which I suspect now may be a hernia re–visited. The first time was when I was about 8 or 9 years old, so I don’t remember it, except for a visible scar. That’s my best guess what I am experiencing. In a few day’s, I’ll learn of results of an ultra sound scan that may identify my problem. In the meanwhile, I want Canada’s healthcare system to de-regulate to enable doctors and nurses to care and be able to act for their patients.


November 20. 2011

Dear Ontario Medical Association Board, members,

I am suffering from swelling on my left abdominal of still unknown origin after x-rays, CT scan, and checks by several hospital doctors according to laid out, followed hospital procedures.

At Brampton Civic Hospital, the way I have been input, output, funneled, registered, re-registered, entering and exiting, is the same procedure as work at my own transportation company – except I’m a person. There are so many files, they are processed the same. If a certain check didn’t compute, rather than being free to look and examine closer at, “the data”, I am rejected.

I was told by the hospital doctor, the swelling was, “perhaps your love handles.” That angered me a little. I then physically showed the difference of my sides. I was then told, “The human body is not perfectly symmetrical.” But to me, the swelling and pain is real. After the scanning tests were taken and the swelling not identified (and assumed not serious), I was told, “whatever it is, will go away.”

I am not going to scream at the hard-working doctors and nurses, but rather bring to your attention what you are already aware: Canada’s government run healthcare system, with its bureaucratic “efficiencies” are detrimental for individual, personal care of patients.

People get worse and in too many cases die waiting in this system of rationed treatment. Doctor’s likewise are treated as government serfs to “public need” will continue to run patients through a mill in unnecessary diagnosed treatment, costing untold billions. Although bankruptcy is inherent in all forms of socialism, respect for doctors as independent entrepreneurs is my great concern here.

I am asking you and this medical association in all earnestness to introduce freedom for doctors by working towards the only sane direction possible; private practise for doctors and medical personnal. A truly private practise would do wonders for a doctor keeping to the only promise of his profession that counts: the hippocratic oath.

A doctor respected as a trader of services would be free to return quality, innovation and expansion to this profession. For the sake of those who need care, let Ontario begin the immediate work of private practise as an alternative to government healthcare. Then I, among many others, will get care.




Dear Mr. Harlson,

Thank-you very much for taking the time to write to the Ontario Medical Association.  As the professional association for physicians in our province we advocate on their behalf in our medical system.

I must urge you to please forward your thoughts to your local MPP as they are your advocate in our health system.  You can find out who your MPP is on this website: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/go2.jsp?Page=/members/members_main&menuItem=mpps_header&locale=en

All the best,

Specialist, Response Centre, Member Services

Ontario Medical Association
150 Bloor St. West, Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3C1
email: ellie.muir@oma.org  tel: 416.340.2923  tf: 1.800.268.7215 ext. 2923  web:www.oma.org

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That is their reply. OMA is a major lobbying group for healthcare in Canada, but won’t touch my letter, referring me instead to my local riding association politician.

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