Socialized medicine in Canada

I have no idea what health care is like in other countries. I’m just going to do this in real time. I am going to tab the following events concerning a medical problem that may or may not be serious. I tend to think it is not serious, but needs attention.
Last week, I have been ignoring some mild discomfort, then not to be dismissed, pain in my lower left back, then side.
I couldn’t ignore it anymore, no matter how much work I had to do, so decided to go to the emergency room at “Brampton Civic Hospital”, Bramptons newest, largest, cutting edge hospital in Metro Toronto – the pride or all things Canadian. I have little confidence in it, but I had to go. I can still walk, but the pain is a constant in my side.
November 6, evening.
Through now quite noticeable aching, I drove and parked, reaching the “intake” at 7:00 pm. I read a sign, “Please stand on the red carpet for the next available reception.” I then stood on the red carpet allotted for incoming patients. It was 7:45 by the time I got to the reception where the aide took my health-card information. I had to give my health-card number and drivers license information. I sat down then explained my discomfort and mentioned my pain was constant and sometimes sharp. He asked for a scale. I replied, “about 4.75 on a scale of 10.” I could still stand, walk around, – all uncomfortably, but doable.
I waited another hour before I was accepted to see a doctor. But I didn’t see a doctor. A nurse came to usher me in where a doctor was to see me. She asked me assessing questions and I suppose to see how urgent my condition was. I waited again in the doctors medical room where I looked at the medical equipment and bed.
The doctor came in and immediately begain asking me questions about what exactly the pain was and where. I told her and she prodded my sides a bit and asked me historical questions. All my answers were no, no, I don’t have allergies, no I don’t have heart problems, etc. I then was told to take a urine test and blood test. The doctor left and a nurse told me how to proceed. I joked about being a vampire to the nurse and was getting hungry because I was loosing blood from her needle. (She finally got the joke after repeating). In the back of my mind, I wanted to say how much I wanted to bite her neck,…but decided not to push it.
After I left the needle room, and gave my sample, I was ushered outside in a waiting room.
The blood sample results came back.
By now, it was about 10:30 pm. The urine results came back around 11:00 pm. There were no serious results in the urine, which the doctor was seeking – no blood in the urine which would indicate danger. So the results were basically good – which I was glad.
The doctor was asking me who was my family doctor and I replied I had none, since I had not seen a doctor in over 5 years. (I never experienced trouble before).
The doctor also recommended an X-Ray that included a high level of radiation, but I objected. I didn’t like the idea of getting radiation scans, so she then mentioned I get a family doctor and follow up like that. She also berated me for not getting regular check ups, which I agreed to get a family doctor and begin looking after my health.
Seeing I was objecting to radiation, the suggestion to getting a regular doctor was this doctors alternative to follow up. I went away with a codine prescription with the assessment that the doctor didn’t see any serious signs and perhaps it may be an internal muscle that was strained. I hope that is what it is, but it doesn’t seem like that is the case. I will keep watch.
This process to from 7:10 to 11:45 pm to complete. I at least had the knowledge professional help was initiated.
November 7
I found my family doctor who has moved clinics. I drove about 15 kilometers to get there. It was nice to see my doctor again. I told her my problem and gave her a list of assessments the hospital doctor gave me to relay.
My doctor looked it over and also said it may not be serious, then recommended an ultra sound scan. Now that I can live with! Ultra sound is not radiation, and safe. I immediately agreed, so after this reunion, the doctor gave me an ultra sound form to take to an X-ray clinic in my area.  I left my family doctor then phoned the X-ray clinic to make an appointment for ultra sound testing. I also went to get the codine prescription picked up.
November 9
The aching has not gone away but I am still working.
I am undecided whether to keep taking the pain killers or just ride the aching out until the 15th.
The prescription just dries me out. I woke up this morning with a better sleep than the nights before, but still feel at times, a “panic point” of pain where I know something much more deadly may be wrong that might incapacitate me. In other words, the feelings are wilder than the facts so far have designated. I will trust the facts and let that be the guide.
I would have thought that something that seems quite serious to me would have prompted much more urgent action on the part of health-care professionals, but I guess not.
After I take the ultra sound test, I will have a much better idea what to do next. I don’t think what I am experiencing is serious – but it could be, but now, gathering facts will count in deciding direction.
November 10, 2011, 8:32 pm.
I stopped taking the codine pills since yesterday but when I woke up this morning, the aching was too sharp, so I took another around noon. I’m still going to work since I can still move around and fake that all okay if anybody asks how I am, particularly close relatives. Not everybody knows about this “condition” whatever it is.
I can’t wait for Nov 15 for the ultra sound testing so remedial action can then be made soon after that.
November 11, 8:20 pm
No change. After waking and getting up is the sharpest aching in my side. I ignore it as much as possible then it diminishes as my body blood flows and gets active. I woke at 2:00 pm today (I work nights, sleep in the morning and do afternoon work. Around 3:00 pm today I changed a light fixture in my house, from an old one to a new short chandelier type that looks much better. I can look pretty normal if I don’t twist and turn too much.
I have decided to change some of my liquid habits from massive amounts of coffee (generally 5-8 cups per 24 hour period, to more fruit juices (doctor’s suggestions).
I read many Ayn Rand Centers essays today pertaining to war, veteran’s day, gasoline prices, etc. I’m also going to review my economic knowledge and perhaps dig more into sound economic principles. I haven’t looked seriously enough at the closeness of the European default and its implications for here.
I had a chance to talk to my companies finance executive at a public meeting on the importance of freedom vs. sector lobbying that would benefit our economy. My company does a lot of American and Canadian lobbying through “white papers” (academic submissions in conjunction with this company) to government leaders when they formulate new policies. It wasn’t much of a talk, but I highlighted the importance of freedom over industry sector “protection.” Most companies vigorously protect their own industry over understanding of the principle of economic freedom.
November 12, Saturday.
It’s been over a week now and I am getting concerned. My
initial emotions have past and I am must reach decisions that will help or hinder
me. I awoke at 1:30 pm today with a sharp pain in my side. This time I had to
force myself to walk around about 15 minutes, partially holding my breath to
suffer the pain until my body could tolerate it.
I finally told my sister about this ridiculous condition and
she emailed me a cleansing remedy. I’ll post it below. I don’t know if it’s
applicable but it cannot hurt – or can it? It’s an Epsom salt intake with
virgin olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice in sequence. The Epsom salt is
supposed to open the way for the stones to pass (in the mixture).  What makes this iffy is I just looked into the mirror – and my left side is swollen! Damn! This changes things. I don’t know if I can ride out the pain as it worsens until the 15th for the ultra sound scan. Three more days of swelling of my side? A swelling left side to me indicates an infection of some kind. This hastens the decision making.
What I don’t like is if I go to the doctor, the doctor may recommend an immediate x-ray scan. The ultra sound cannot be accomplished until the 15th. Maybe there is another ultra sound farther away – sooner.
If I can help it, I don’t want radiation scans, but it may not be helped.
I was going to try the Epsom solution recipe today, but I
will go to the doctors right now and see if I can’t get an ultra sound scan
this weekend – if possible. I might have to drive “out of town.”
Well, if that’s what it takes. This ridiculous thing is now a race – against
what I don’t know, but it isn’t good.
November 12, 10:30 pm.
I just started the epsom salts, but my side hurts too much. I decided to tell my wife (and she hit the ceiling as I suspected). I didn’t want to let her see the swelling on my side, but showed her.
Rose will pick someone else up to bring back here then drive me to the hospital. I wish I could have worked this Epsom/oil/grapefruit recipe out but perhaps after I get this treated. My left side is visibly swollen out. I tried to holding out until the 15th for the ultra sound, but I know now I wouldn’t make it. I tried to ignore the aching, but now feel the aching even as I walk around. The infection or whatever it is) is developing too fast. I must act now.
I had tried to get to my doctor today, but the clinic was closed early and the alternative reference on the phone there was a suggestion to go to the nearest hospital or call 911. This was when I decided to get pro-active and try the Epsom oil mix, but this home remedy may not be what I need right now.
I’m sure if I go back to the hospital tonight, I may get an X-ray, which I didn’t want, but…
I will bring a few books for the long wait it will be. I wish I knew more about Xenon and his good views towards trade and profits….something Greek history…
Saturday, November 12. 2011
I never thought of a hospital like a factory process, but that’s what it is like here.
I stopped around 8 pm with my left side aching, visibly swollen. It was 11:00 pm when I registered in the Brampton Civic hospital this time.
The doctor (a different one) this time, checked me and insisted I get a CT scan. I agreed. Even though I don’t like the idea of aradiation shot, I think this is now seriuos enough to comply). After receiving from the doctor a small yellow sheet of paper, I was to go back to the “intake” and re-register at the front desk again. The yellow sheet was admission to the CT scan. I’d have to go through the entry process ans “re-register” as when I first stepped in the hospital the first time. The yellow referral sheet I gave to the CT scan was a different department, so technically. I was leaving the doctors department. That is the only reason I could see for the re-entry.
I was asked the same questions as when I entered the first time; Contact information, Health card number, then, “Do you have any allergies, diabetes, heart problems? etc.”
Now, back to waiting for the doctor for the results who checked me the first time. The doctor called me and stated the CT scan showed nothing – which was good! No serious condition could be seen, not even small kidney stones. The doctor checked me again and could see the swelling, so recommended a deeper look – an X-Ray. I agreed to it, so with another form the doctor gave me, I went to the X-Ray department. I showed this form there but could not schedule an X-Ray until, “next morning.” By now it was 2:20 am. I agreed to go as soon as I got their next day phone call.
I was awoken by the call 8:30 am the next morning. We discussed it would be “nice if I could be there at 9:00 pm, so rushed out without eating since I wanted this over once and for all. I had the X-Ray form with me and handed it in when I got to the right room. A single X-Ray technician told me where to stand, which way, etc. and took several pictures of me.
I again went through the process of going back to the front desk entry area and waiting for the doctors assessment and results.
The doctor (a third doctor this time) called me and told me he found nothing in my lower left side. He did however find a metal fragment (unrelated) in my left chest. A metal fragment! Wow! Now I can make up stories how I was in the Iraq war! The doctor said, if it didn’t bother by now, there was no use taking it out now. It is small enough not to consider.
So my left side has absolutely nothing seriously wrong with it. The X-Ray showed – nothing. This doctor, this time said, “Whatever it is, let it pass. Whatever it is, will go away. Just give it some time and it will be gone.” With this and the doctor who sent me to the CT scan, went as far as hinting it was just my love handles that was the swelling. I was a little irked by the condescending atitude. The aching and pain is real – and it is “something.”
The aching and swelling is worst is when I first wake up. The swelling is very bad then. I told all the doctors this. I will have to keep persisting until I find our what exactly it is. I have another chance to find out. Come the 15th, I have the ultra sound scan. Hopefully, that will reveal more. I just hope nothing gets worse before then. I wonder about that since (its not my imagination) I feel worse on aching at different times now. It’s slightly worsening, and I’m not hypocondriac. I’ve been thinking.
I do remember something when I was very young. At around 8 or so, I had a hernia. Since then, I’ve forgotten it, but the symptoms I have now are similar to a hernia. That might be it.
I took charge by going to the doctors and am glad there is nothing serious in what they found so far, but I am far from satisfied with their procedure process. The doctors so far have not identified why my side still hurts and swells. I don’t think they are right that it will, “go away.”
I will now go to my family doctor tomorrow, show her her the results of the CT and X-Ray scans, then let her know I intend to keep the ultra sound scan appointment. I’ll also tell her of the hernia experience I had and ask if it may be related. After tommorrow, if the doctors don’t know why my side aches and swells, I will not know what to do, but keep looking myself.
I met a friend over coffee today and we talked about over-sights he and his girlfriend experienced when his girlfriend needed knee surgery over an accident she experienced. I hear many other stories too. It is not very encouraging. I will pursue this because if it is a hernia, that to can be a very different kind of danger and will stop me from independence.
Today is Monday night November 14, 2011 as I type this. I will go to work tonight from 8:30 pm to 5:00 am next morning. I will wake at noon, then prepare for the ultra sound scan. I may have time to see my family doctor before then.
November 15, 2:45 pm.
At the X-Ray/ Ultra sound office, I was ushered in a fw minutes earlier than the 3 pm appointment time. I pre-drank the required 5 cups of water about 15 minutes late so told the technician about this. He then asked me to wait on the bed a few minutes longer before pictures were taken of my sides and interior. He put the greasy mix on to enable him to slide the scanner. The screen was angled so I could see it but could not make heads out exactly what I was seeing. The technicians name was Omar somebody.
The technician had a new trainee working with him, so I told him I didn’t want her to make any mistakes in the work. She was learning how to take the pictures and had some problems with figuring how to transfer the pictures for sending to others. After a few attempts, he instructed her how to first freeze the picture, before it was able to be transferred. The exercise took about 20 minutes and I was done. I dressed my top half and am now to go to my family doctor for the results.
November 16, 2011
Giving doctors a lead
Today I woke with the same inflamed left side. I drove to my family doctors only to drop off my CT scan results and make an appointment, but instead the doctor saw me and invited me to a visit. The ultra sound reception mentioned waiting several days before making this appointment, but here I was.
In the doctors room, she examined my right and left side as I showed her the difference. I took this chance to tell the doctor about having a hernia when I was about 7 or 8 years old and mentioned this might be what I have. I explained I still had old stitches from that early operation. She stated, “Yes, that might be what it is.” She typed this note in her computer and also checked then for the ultra sound results, but they were not transferred to her yet.
She asked if I had done any strenuous exercising lately. I replied, “No, all I do at the most is run up 13 flights of stairs, then stretch at work as a break.” I cannot imagine sitting all night without some movement. I was glad this doctor actually acknowledged the inflamed side and acknowledged it “as clearly swollen.” She suggested I may have to see a specialist, but she would wait for the ultra sound results first. I will be making an appointment “next week” for follow up.
My conclusion so far. I was concerned of the swelling of my left side so having gone to the hospital, received a CT scan, an x-ray, which I think (before and after-the-fact) were unnecessary. The examinations ran according to procedure, not analysis based on patient care, but through an elimination process. This probably cost several thousand dollars that did not have to be spent. While I am glad nothing was found on a deep level of examination, I am still frustrated the problem was not pinpointed.
I had always been under the impression one gets sick, the doctor examines, and through dedicated practise and experience, correctly identifies the source of the problem and enacts a cure. Instead I ran into a wall of bureaucracy and got spit out several times. I’m thinking, what if it was something serious and I ruptured, precipitating a crises situation?
Well, I won’t speculate.
November 17, 2011
Awake after a good sleep at 11:00 am, but I didn’t want to get up. I felt “okay” laying there so let myself sleep. I awoke again at 2:05 pm and dreaded getting up. I knew it. The pain started again after standing but I force myself to move around. I walk back and forth in my room, and kneel down, elbows on the bed. “Aghh! I feel like screaming to myself but it won’t help. I get up and continue my forced walk. It’ll pass. It’ll pass. I won’t pity myself I say to myself as my eyes water.” The intense aching subsides a bit so I go out of the room. I remember normal breathing. I take the doctors prescribed extra strength Tylonol.
I’m thinking how self focused I’ve been. I haven’t thought of many long term thoughts lately as I pass the TV in the living room. The “occupiers” are getting closed in on in New York city. It’s about time. Maybe “society loses long term thinking, I muse, since its “pain” of inhibiting regulations stops long term activity. I stop myself, its true factually, but not collectively. The intensity of the aching is now bearable so I write these notes. It is 3:06 pm.
I was asked to make an appointment with my family doctor “next week” but I will call in a few more days. Hopefully the doctor will have analysed the ultra sound scan by then. If I call too soon, I’d have to wait.
I have just a few hours today before I go to work tonight, so I will work on my letter to the Ontario Medical Association. I could use this letter with personal revamps to mail to other and any medical association across Canada too. So that’s my work for today until my import work tonight. Ha! A funny thought. The company VP of finance came to give a presentation to our workgroup a few days ago. He gave a very clear, inspiring talk how well our company is doing and how our internal operations have currently changed, in keeping with, “excellent customer service.” He also gave mention how Canada is “in negotiations” with its American counterparts about the North American “perimeter” as a security around Canada/ US. Here, I openly protested and said I disagree with it, for homeland type security will be implemented here in Canada if these negotiations are internationally agreed on. He replied, “Unfortunately, these measures are necessary given the dangers still prevalent.” Well, I disagree I said, the enemy should instead be eliminated to which he said nothing. There weren’t many people there, only about 30, but attention had perked up.
The talk then continued and I asked, “Does This company have a Canadian lobbying arm? I know This company U.S. has a very strong lobbying department, but does Canada?” Some people in the workgroups laughed as if it was a foolish question – unheard of. For most, it is unheard of. Anyways, he said “Yes, Canada does have a lobbying department.” He then went on to explain how This Company, Canada does watch the political situation closely and presents “white papers” through academic and company ideas, writes them, then presents them to Parliament. This is accomplished by either the government approaching them or This company going to government concerning new legislation.
I replied, “I thought so, but wanted to make sure. My follow up is then, does This Company lobby for the economy or only for This Company only? He replied, “We do the lobbying for this company and how legislation affects or can be affected only towards This Company.” I then said, “Well, that seems like the problem. Each company lobbys only for itself, then the country is loaded down with so much regulations, the entire economy is bogged to, now less than 1% GDP. What this country needs is more freedom, which most people don’t even understand anymore.” I hear a purposed howl of laughter as the speaker is standing looking silent. The talk ends. After the talk ends, we leave. I stop by and thank him for the excellent talk. I tell him I am a laissez – faire capitalist and that’s where I am coming from. We shake hands.
Others now call me “Mr. Freedom” and say how dumbfounded the speaker looked, but he wasn’t dumbfounded at all, he, properly, was seriously contemplating what I said. I must write a follow up letter and give him my final copy of, “Why Businessmen Need Philosophy.”
November 18, 2011
I woke up this morning with a much less intense aching in my side. Last night I pre-empted this moment by taking the prescribed pain killers just before I went to sleep.
The daily events I am writing here so far, follow exactly what Leonard Peikoff warns Americans about in,
“Medicine: The Death of a Profession.” (The Voice of Reason).
So far I have been analysed along a purely bureaucratic, government run method and the actual X what is my problem has not been found.
So far four doctors have looked me over, according to socialized, working procedures, and now I am working on helping them diagnose me.
The doctors care, but I think the quality of care is dismal, – just as Peikoff has warned. I’m hopefully going to bring out the fact; not to expect any kind of quality care with socialized medicine. I’m glad tests so far has revealed what I don’t have: A serious, deep problem like cancer, tumour, or even kidney stones.
Private care for my health would have taken a very different path and by now the problem would have been found, and a cure enacted – at an affordable price.
Despite government pride of Canada’s healthcare system, Canadian quality in healthcare cannot be resusitated. Wittness:
What’s needed is individual rights and freedom of trade in healthcare.
Obamacare must not pass. Any kind of government intervention in healthcare in America – and here – must be repealed.
November 19,2011
I got fed up. I went to work tonight, sat down and the black co-worker did what he usually did, trying to give me his, “knuckle to knuckle greeting.” He had been trying to do that for weeks. I explained several times I don’t do that and if he wanted to shake hands I’d willingly do that, but every night, he kept holding his knuckles persistently, waiting a long time for me to “knuckle shake.” Waiting. Every time I came in he’d try all sorts of attitudes and way’s for me to give this “black” handshake.
Tonight he told the fellow next to me to grab my hand and force it. The co-worker grabbed my hand in jest, and I blew up. I jerked my hand back. “F…off, both of you! Don’t be so damned stupid! You know I don’t agree with racism. Now leave me alone, both of you” They stood frozen and I turned to work, leaving them speechless. My co-workers don’t know of my ailment.
I worked half an hour and closed down, and told my supervisor I’m not feeling well enough to work tonight. My side wasn’t aching too much worse than usual, but I am tired of it and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I don’t swear. It’s not the way I do things or the way I work or think.
I don’t like the fact I’ve passed from normal health to subsisting on codeine pain killers. Never in my life did I ever imagine I’d be taking drugs let alone depending on them. I’ll be so glad when this episode of my life is fixed.
November 20
I wrote to the Ontario Medical Board. This association is a major influence in how medicine is run in this province.
I’ve told a few friends, other than at my work place, and wonder at the wisdom of telling. The stories that come out of pains, then discoveries of cancer, of tumours. I’ll keep this to myself as much as possible.
November 26 2011 A blood test by my family doctor now. I’ve “adjusted” now, but still do not know what this is. By a process of elimination, it is assumed to be a torn internal muscle. Doctors seem to be satisfied with that. I’m just amazed at the level of satisfaction at not knowing exactly what it is that happened to me. All pains are not as sharp. Maybe it will eventually, “go away.”
This post is long. I will continue with, “Socialized Medicine in Canada II.”

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