Stop Taking it up the Gass Tank.

As a member of the Canadian Taxpayer Alliance, we have a petition for the Province to take HST off food and fuel!

Across Canada, government rakes in no less than a third of all gasoline prices, some Provinces much more! With gasoline prices more than double what it should be wholesale, even with global demand, political unrest, and inflation, you are expected to smile as the price fluctuates down a piddly five cents.

It’s time to stop taking it up the gass tank.

Canadians, instead of government being a protector of your rights, ” Mobility Rights…

6. (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province” our Federal government is destroying them.

(Canadian Constitution)

Government manipulation of our mobility rights on an honest market is unconstitutional no matter their weasel wording to the contrary.

I’m getting signatures! We will stop the collusion between government and private “partnerships” that create oligopolies, high prices, and great harm to Canadian producers and workers. We demand honest, market prices! We demand our energy to live and prosper be free of government manipulations. We demand the separation of economics and state!



TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: –

WHEREAS the imposition of the HST on Food And Fuel has and is creating great harm to the people and that this practice is Dispicable, Disgraceful and Dumb!

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

That you immediately remove the Provincial part of HST Tax on Food and Fuel.

Name (printed)________________________

Address (printed) + Email use 2 lines if needed_______________________________


Canadian Taxpayers Alliance, Email Please complete and return to us by mail at Canadian Taxpayer’s Alliance, Unit 603-61 Waterford Dr., Toronto Ont., M9R 2N7. Provincial rules require that we present the original document not copies!

Phone# 416-245-7778


Add as many lines for signatures as needed. I went out and distributed 250 copies of this petition, went to work and obtained two pages of signatures  in twenty minutes. I wasn’t expecting so quick a demand so will print 50 copies more for just my work associates. If you wish to revamp a petition for your politician, feel free to use this idea. I squeezed this in but you can format your own how you wish. There is rumbling and a rotten mood here in Canada over gas prices and hydro (home) fuel prices since people know it is politicians doing it. I hope the entire western hemisphere rises up and kicks out environmentally manipulators – all of them and elect honest, leave us alone leaders.

For a clear understanding of energy prices and information, I highly recommend the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights  website and also check out Alex Epstein’s Face book pages for detailed information.

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