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Anarchists had run amok downtown Toronto during the G20 summit, destroying police cars and doing extensive damage to shop windows.Now, believe it or not, it is the police on the defensive for their overwhelming use of force under attack by the anarchists lawyers and disenchanted “public.” Well I thought, who the hell will hold the anarchists and make them explain why they did what they did?

Summary of my complaint to the Toronto Police Board.

I made a same formal complaint also to the Ontario Ombudsman. The complaint is in essence as follows: 

The Toronto Police Services Board does not include the verbatim transcripts (rationalizations) anarchists give for their destructive behavior.  The police do not show what the ideas (websites, telephone calls, words and propaganda anarchists relied on that motivated their destructive behavior. This would help the citizens of Toronto understand why and how these criminals came to be.

If this isn’t understood, a review hearing aimed only at police “harassment”  will be a mere sounding board if all facts are not exposed.

Such destructive ideas that anarchist rely on cannot be stopped by legal force, which would be totalitarian, but stopped by exposure and letting reasonable citizens understand the dangers their own youngsters are in. With exposure, individual citizens can take up the responsibilities of correcting the ideational errors.

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