G20 Individual Rights Walk and Promotion

The few friends and I that promoted individual rights at the G20 are ok. We got away from the crowd of protesters a few mere minutes before the ridiculous “professional” anarchists began breaking windows and taunting the police.  We were right in the middle of that crowd promoting America’s Tea Party and individual rights, then the “black block” as the tactic is called – started. We were getting squeezed in as they donned their handkerchiefs and started staring down and yelling back at the line of police guards. They ended up destroying property and torching police cars.

However, we had our say about individual rights as the basis of freedom and our promotion of America’s Tea Party movement, with about 7 local media interviews: Chezk, Polish, Epoch Times, “Now” magazine, etc. There were also university researchers, and a video interviewer that will put my message on Youtube. I’ll be informed later about that.

The Epoch Times (Chinese dissidents against communism) did the most thorough interview with me.

The friends that made it there stuck with me all the way and I’m proud of them. Our walk began at noon. It was raining heavily and we got soaked, but kept on. The rain dissipated about an hour and a half later and we got busy challenging the communists, socialists and other “entitlement” groups there by waving the American flag and handing out, “What the Tea Party Movement Must Stand For.”

A lady named Elizabeth” was really great. She did a lot of distribution and talking to people.

We were right in the middle of all the socialists and communists and unions proudly waving the Tea Party message, the Individual Rights message and distributing the Ayn Rand Center’s message on the Tea Party.

A lot of on-lookers took pictures of the American flag and our Tea Party’s sign, “America was instituted to secure Individual Rights!” The other side of the sign stated, “Remember Tea Party America.” I alternated the sign so most people would see both sides.

I just hope enough got the message. I think so since I took a lot of insults from the socialists. People would come at me saying. ” Your a ##*#! racist. You’re pathetic! “You’re in the wrong ##!!++# country!  Etc.”

The police were there to keep order. They’d told me to “keep moving” since I stayed too long in one place, some people would start chanting against me, “Tea Party Bulls##t! Tea Party Bullsh##!” I simply ignored them since I was there to promote the Tea Party and individual rights to on-lookers, not get entangled with hardcore socialists. What we are the most encouraged about were the interviews. I hope they air.

At the end of our walk and before we left, I waved my flag and the same message in Sid Ryan’s union crowd. He is Canada’s most famous union spokesman. He was making a pro union speech. I get quiet and personal satisfaction from this since I had worked hard at ousting a Social democrat years ago, by writing the then Premier, Mike Harris for individual rights. Mike Harris had actually written legislation for individual rights to be implemented into Ontario’s union position. Again years later, union leades still decry how Mike Harris had “done incredible damage to the union by this code.”  

The anarchists began breaking windows and taunting the police mere minutes after we moved away from the “professional” rioters.  

It’s our first time being this open and public so I will look for any Tea Party and individual rights message to show on some of the local media I mentioned. 

At the interviews I repeated basically the same ideas as the following.

Interviewer: Your message caught my attention. What brings you here?

Ted: I’m here to bring awareness to the most evaded and neglected political principle of our time, both by protesters and politicians. that principle is individual rights! The various groups here say they are fighting for freedom but one cannot be fighting for freedom unless one has the principle of individual rights as its base. Individual rights is not only the most neglected political principle, but the most critical political principle, that’s very much needed today.

Individual rights  means protection against intrusive government and against the majority. It also means protection from entitlement, from the government confiscating my money for altruistic causes, which many groups here are demonstrating for.

Interviewer: But your message is American. Why are you showing that message here?

Ted: Both Canada and the United States, in fact all countries need the principle of individual right in order to have freedom. In Canada the principle of individual rights is implicit, but in the United States, it is explicit, but all countries need the principle in order to be free. Another reason is I just love America.  

The “NOW” magazine interviewer surprised me by saying, “This is a socialist crowd, what are you doing here?”  (NOW magazine has been an openly socialist promoter since its inception).

Ted: That’s why I’m here to show an alternative, to show the importance of individual rights, property rights and the right to the pursuit of happiness, of one’s own produce, one’s own treasures.

Some student protesters were seriously curious about the Tea Party sign and took the time to talk to me, albeit with their university induced ideas of “social justice.” They talked about their very honest concerns about rights in their area, women’s rights for example. I simply told them group rights are a collectivist idea and for anyone to talk of minority rights, one had to recognize the greatest minority of all: the individual. 

All of the interviewers and curious took a copy of, “What the Tea Party Must Stand For.”

I was very glad to be able, again to promote Ayn Rand’s ideas. It is a lot of work to stay focused, not get riled when verbally attacked, and to get key ideas stated properly. However, it is very much worth it in this very real fight for freedom.

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3 Responses to G20 Individual Rights Walk and Promotion

  1. Tedd says:

    Click the images to enlarge.

    1. An interview.
    2. Promoting America’s Tea Party movement.
    3. Why the protesters call their tactic, “Black block” – to “block” the black uniformed police officers and riot squad.
    4. People stop and ask questions. Everyone who stopped and queried, including media received the literature.

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  2. Maureen says:

    Hi, Ted you have written some great articles, thank you for your teaching it really helps my understanding of liberty.

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  3. Tedd says:

    Thanks Maureen, I have been doing more so more stories are coming. I will continue to include personal experiences, including my recent arrest for standing up for “equality before the law” – right here in Canada! It was highly unjust, but foretells the direction Canada is moving despite its political claims to peace and stability.

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