Tomorrow may possibly be the day America votes for socialism.

I have written many emails to Governors, Senators and representatives against the soon to be voted Obama health care bill.

Some representatives argued but I gave moral reasons why the bill is destructive of the rights of doctors, patients and citizens. No matter how one looks at it, Government intrusion into health care is  growth of socialism.

The American people  have finally woken up in a spontaneous burst of “Tea Party” organization. These sprang explosively to fight the health care bill.

But it is more than that.

The Ayn Rand Institute has long worked on providing the intellectual ammunition for this needed change.

America The Beautiful

 With so many issues to be angry about, the Tea Partiers need a direction, a central theme to rally for. It cannot be religion, for religious morals are the undercurrent that got America in trouble in the first place with its compassionate, legal dictates  forcing citizens to sacrifice ever more of their hard earned produce.

Forced distribution angers Americans enough to organize and march on Washington – 25,000 in an instant, when needed, as today. Today is the last day until the expected vote for or against the health care bill tomorrow. Americans will be there to protest if the bill passes. Legal preparations are already underway to fight the health care bill passage. The “reconciliation process” is one way. Legal challenges to mandatory insurance is another. Several western states are already drafting legislation to protect their individuals from the insurance requirements.  

However, I would not be doing the Tea Party any justice if I didn’t name the barely hidden ogre that is overtaking America: Fascism,  for that is what over-riding (trampling) individual rights in favour of national schemes is.  That is the kind of socialism emerging.

The Furor, if he were alive today, would nod in agreement at what the Republican and Democratic governments have created today. 

The health care bill is also massive growth. Some estimate 25% growth of government in the land of the free.

In specifics, doctors will lose their rights to doctor as they see proper, insurance will become mandatory with escalating fines to the resistant – and greatly diminishing freedom to innovate new insurance schemes. Politicians perversly see government insurance  as “competing” that will bring down health costs.

From Charles E. Schumer, New York State Senator,  “the creation of new “Exchanges” through health care reform, in which insurance companies could sell affordable health insurance to individuals and small businesses. In these Exchanges, a not-for-profit health insurance company, which would compete on a level playing field with existing private health insurance plans, would help to lower premiums and exert downward pressure on the premiums of existing insurance plans.”

American politicians like this one ignore reducing regulations that hinder competition between states, plan the implementation of greater controls and interventions, and refuse to see the difference between force and voluntary, private exchange of goods and services all the while, riding on the virtues of capitalism.

The American constitution is itself  in serious danger of being forcibly pushed out of existence. American citizens are rising up.

I will be there along side Americans – fighting for a better, socialist free future.

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