Multiculturalism Kills.

I sent the following to my local Federal member of parliament and Provincial Premier, Dalton Mcguinty. It concerns a young teenager (Aqsa Parvez)in Canada who was murdered by her family and an attempted mis-lead by her brother when the police came to the cultural crime scene.The young girl was murdered (choked to death) by her father forrefusing to wear areligeous head covering. She had resisted before with no one to turn to inmulticultural Canada.


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 13:26:32 -0500

Dear Honourable ColleenBeaumier, (Federal MP)

Aqsa Parvez (news) was an innocent teenager who wanted to be free. It was unnecessary she die for simply wanting a better life. That is obvious. To make it clear, Aqsa Parvez chose modern dress, modern ways, (i.e. rationality) over primitive religious mores with its senseless traditions.

I’m writing you because I wholeheartedly disagree with the role multiculturalism plays in apologizing for collective and racist atrocities, including this one now.

There is nothing moral about multiculturalism.

Canada’s multiculturalism is essentially no different than the late, mighty, United Soviet Socialist Republic’s march into the future! Do you remember their visions and dreams of equality? Canada’s multiculturalism is morally no different in its equalitarianism than Nazi Germany’s sense of right and wrong, “Every citizen shall have bread, and every maiden shall have a husband.”

Multiculturalism however is shorn of idealism and is crude in its collectivism: Blatant race promotion. (See Canada’s Multiculturalism Act).

However, the person is what is important. The single, individual, human being is what is most important, – not any collective – for any reason. The “I” must reign supreme, protected, promoted, and – sovereign – above any “we”.

Had this been true, immigrants would be better off. That’s why they come to Canada – to change, to expect something better than stultifying religious mores, senseless traditions and corrupt political systems.

Had individualism and not multiculturalism been promoted and implemented in Canada, Aqsa Parvez would likely be alive and protected by this rationality. She would likely have been encouraged by her father to seek independence, and not been killed for it. Rational values promote life.

As a citizen of Canada to your responsible position, I’m going to ask two things of you:

  1. You be honest. It takes honesty to recognize the individual is the fundamental political unit.
  2. Fight for individualism. Ignore the old political hacks and out of touch academics. Aqsa Pervez and other kids like her are not to be betrayed.

If you wish any help from me, I’ll willingly do what I can to help abolish Canada’s multiculturalism and laws.

Please contact me below.

Ted Harlson

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