To My Company…

Hi…Sent to several Managers,

It is wonderful [this company] is expanding. However, I have a very legitimate

concern that China is STILL a very communist country. Businessmen generally

have been pragmatic about despot countries and this has not been the best

or a very good policy. I cannot celebrate this company’s drive into China

without first going in with eye’s wide open and in a critically moral


If the drive into China is with American government sanction, – even then

I’d be cautious since Governments too have been too pragmatic and less

principled on these issues.

Please relay my concerns to upper management. It’s not hard to find stories

and issues about China’s continuous violations against human rights.

Thank you very much, Ted.



Sent:, June 28, 2007 9:43 AM

To: All Staff.

Subject: FW: Official Launch of Domestic Services in China.

[Energetic blurb of our companies drive into China and India.]

China, along with India, will be huge economic engines in the decades to

come. The launch of domestic service in China is a fantastic move on our

part,…..t….(immediate manager).

The terse reply was: “Your concerns are duly noted.” Period.

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