Open letter to my Government.

To my Prime Minister and localgovernment representatives. Idon’t like this so called “low intensity warfare against terrorism.” It isn’t right. Fighting war in a straightjacket of altruism is just asdestructive as governmentssingle minded obsession with global”competativeness” – in a straightjacket of sacrifice to the “environment.” Both are anti – freedom and very destructive. I’ve mailed this letter to my Prime Minister and several Senators in my Province.

DearPrime Minister, House of Commens, Senators, I’m concerned today’s war on terrorism is a pretense. My overall sense tells me our brave soldiers are dying needlessly. My early years in school, talking to older people about World War II, and reading of better library books, I see today’s war is not being fought with the political goal to win by decimating the enemy: Totalitarian Islam. World War II leadership identified the enemy! Society then had a “Kill the bastards, every one of them” attitude and the military pushed hard against Nazi Germany and Shinto, kamikaze Japan. Our leaders knew who and what the enemy was and did not side with them by feeling for them as the attitude is today. Every effort was made in WWII to utterly destroy the enemy; destroy their generals and politicians; destroy their soldiers and spies; destroy their supporters of every kind in their cities, hiding places, including civilian women and children.

By contrast, today’s compassionate welfare type effort against terrorism and not its root, totalitarian Islam, is undermining the war and emboldening the entire Middle East, not to mention corrupt Russia and communist China. Today’s so called “compassion” is creating needless deaths and a darker future.

Please, let’s stop valuing the lives of enemy countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran over the lives of our own courageous soldiers. Welfare and war is a hypocritical mix, – and I think people sense it.While many Canadians do not want the war to continue, I believe they simply do not like this hypocritical method of current politics to war. If a clear goal to kill and utterly destroy the states that sponsor terrorism is not implemented, the tactical, “war against terrorism” will keep losing ground here and abroad.

Let us determine to retaliate against the Islamic threat by killing 100,000 totalitarian supporters for each and every single Canadian soldier or Canadian civilian killed or held hostage. It is this kind of moral clarity that is needed to properly fight – and win – this war.

Let us fight against this barbaric, religious tyranny and not sacrifice one more soldier needlessly. Remember what WWII general George Patton stated, “It’s not your patriotic duty to die for your country. It’s your patriotic duty to make the other damn bastard die for his!”

If Canada’s goal is not to quickly and completely decimate the Islamic threat, then the greatest disrespect and dishonor is returned to every brave soldier and every brave soldier’s family who has believed in the West and its secular foundations of life.


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