Multi-culturalism’s affront.

Ayn Rand wrote when a man, or nation is facing bankruptcy, it has two choices. Work to rebuild from scratch if necessary or perish. She then goes on to explain how America is taking the wrong one by not facing the problem and re-building.

When Ayn Rand wrote about modern “intellectuals” boasting of man’s impotence, and self abasement, in the face of primordial brutes, I saw so clearly the multi-cultural affront. Canada is seriously intellectually bankrupt.

Intoday’s modern society of fuel efficient vehicles, men in space, computers that have cut communication cost to 1/100th of their original cost, – there are still men and women in centuries old garb, turbans and ancient head wraps who are oblivious to what makes their survival possible. These old collectivists are growing enclaves in the middle of proud, free wheeling entrepreneurs in modern suits! The slow but sure march of dark age mentalities are sanctioned by Canada’s constitution and laws. The old garbs worn are not merely symbolic, but reflective of a mindset of ancient collective and stagnating ways, filling the vacuum intellectuals have not identified, – civilized reality.

February 2012

I have submitted and been accepted to teach 30 grade 6 students who are around 11 years old, a “Diversity in Action” class. I did this first to see for myself how diversity gets established in society and to see how I can counter such establishment.

The class is strangely, not taught by the teachers. Why? It is in “pilot stage.”? Imagine 11 year old students getting brainwashed by tribal inducing games and workbooks.

I have just received the full set of games and workbook, so will go through them and then as I teach, offer an alternative: individualism and independent thinking as I go through this all day program.

I think I will approach the subject openly, telling the students I will not impose this doctrine, but offer two sides, letting them choose at the end. It is definitely not what the programmers will be expecting, but in fairness in education and to hold off comprachico’s, I must offer in the name of conscience, single, individual reliance and judgment as opposed to this ethnic bonding.

As a word of warning, I must also say something of what I learned of the method in which these poor kids are being ingrained with collectivist doctrines before they have a chance in the world. The diversity class is accepted through the American led, “Junior Achievements Canada.” This American led program has literally thousands of students with mentors and students working in classrooms across the globe.

It is an excellent idea and has good methodology (sans content) and is now introducing diversity programs in its early school programming. One can become a “teacher” for a day, as a representative of their company or as an independent.


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