CBC, seasoned Fifth Columnist’s?

The following Iemailed todayto the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in answer to their latest “documentary” entitled, “The Ground Truth.’ This,was as an attempt to “bring the soldiers back home.”But it’s much worse than that.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,
Congratulations on your documentary, “The Ground Truth.” the stories of American soldiers in Iraq. Each one of you is responsible for upholding your fine tradition of undermining America through the human (i.e. emotional) perspective.
Congratulations on selecting stories and pictures based on concretes without adherence to principles. A more thorough, one sided, undermining the war against Islamic totalitarianism could not have been accomplished.
I now look at the barbarians you’ve emboldened; to the Arab and Persian race for nuclear weapons, to growing communist pacts, and to the softened mush you endlessly pump that makes it all possible.
Your journalistic content is utterly and thoroughly designed to destroy America from within. This by never allowing one single proper principle to enter your office or pages in print.
Congratulations on attaining the mature status of killers of mankind! Each one of you has less excuse than barbarians. Ted Harlson.


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