A Balkanized Canada

Canada’s Prime Minister announced the recognition of it’s french Province, “A Nation in Canada”, to a standing ovation in the House of Commens.

This is a major historical break from a “one Canada” concept, where now the idea of Canada has expired.

The Quebec Bloc leader, Gilles Duceppe, immediately pushed his advantage, “”Nations” he said, “have rights.” When Quebec again seeks to separate and Canada tries to stop it, the Quebeckers will claim this right. What will Canada then say to “a Nation?”

At root of this inevitable separation is racism, evaded, unspoken, but obvious. At this announcement, Gilles Duceppe stated, “We are what we are” meaning a distinct french race and culture. This official separation is not about freedom, independence, or throwing off oppression but pandering to plain ordinary racism.

These are the logical downsteps to Canada’s multi – racial constitution – a recognitionof “peoples”, not individuals before the law. This is Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s personal racist patriated agenda.

Only America’s constitution has the necessaryprinciples to fight back and institute sanity. Long live individual rights!

As an add on, I’ll refer you to the AynRand site on this topic:


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  1. Frank says:

    You gotta be kidding. No wonder your blog has the same name as the new army tagline…

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