Human Resources Moves In

I’ve wondered how fascism works today. How the process actually works, where and how. How would I identify it?

I’ve identified the action in my workplace.

A Human Resource woman was scheduledin mycompany to enlighten us on a new technique of interviewing called, “Behavioral Interviewing.”My company has recently adopted this method of interviewing. Behavioral interviewing is based on the principle of historical action. An employee gives a detailed account of what he/she did for a company to show past competencies, thus anticipating future performance.

During her workshop, she explained, quite on her own, how Human Resources views corporate or business wages. She explained how Human Resources has gone into companies and seen that their wages were in a “chaotic mess.” he smugly stated, “There was no standard.”Human Resources (She or another Rep) wouldthen point blank ask, “How do youjustify your wages? How can you justify high wages if there is no criteria?” The managers of these companies would be at a loss to explain their wages. Wages werethen in need of “adjusting.” Human Resources woyuld then go about setting the wages of thecompany.

The Human Resource lady went on to explain just how behavioral interviewing brought in measureable standards, thus, measurable wages for a company. The behavioral standards justified measurable wages.

Mycompany has eagerly adoptedbehavioral interviewing techniquesat the same time it has adopted diversity and multiculturism. I think these go hand in hand. They must go hand in hand. Coupled together, these formulate the working tools of fascism today.

These ideas and methods arebeing mandated to Canadian corporations today with no resistance. The idea of fascism is silently ignored and if recognized, is not dared mentioned. No courage exists at all in Canada’s business community to speak up for freedomof individual decision – making. The footsteps of fascism are walking freely inour business corridors.

The Canadian corporate elite sitfrozen in appeasing smiles.

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