Canada has taken an historic step backwards and America had better watch out.

With a major courier company such as the one I work in, it’s effectsare global. This company is now celebrating diversity week with a vengence! There are baloons inthe hallways, cake, and speeches. I resisted the last celebrations and muffled it for awhile.

HR hasmade a major pushvia it’s managers, with full and complete sanction of it’s CEO and founder in the United States. With direct orders to me, not to “undermine diversity”, I must still speak out against this racism. I cannot agreeto it. I’ll call it what it is, a full frontal attack on individual values held by those who aren’t racist.

Canada took this racist step backwards in 1982 when it repatriated the Constitution from Britian. With it, Trudeau, the then Prime Minister, included this new racist form to mold Canadaso everybody could meld into their race. That was his specific goal and corporate Canada is buckling under. I’m sodisappointed thatan American CEO and founder of aglobal corporation would sanction it also.

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Hello all, I grew up in British Columbia, Canada with wide open fields as my back yard. The mountains were mine for me to roam. I played, ran, swam and wandered in the beautiful mountains and lakes of central Okanagan. As I grew older, I traveled across Canada to New York, then Boston. I moved back to Canada. I settled back in B.C. , only to move to Toronto where I now currently live. Although I spent my youth in natural surroundings, I have spent most of my adult life in cities, which I love. As much as I enjoy nature, I love what man has done to the earth! Man has made a living! Man has made life possible for billions who would never be alive except for skills, ingenious tools, and technology. Carving nature to suit our purposes is breath taking, not just practical! We should be glad to be alive today! For us, using our minds to live is natural.
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