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The following is a sample of the result of a Multi – culturalism / Diversity committment of a major corporation. It’s freedom of speach for those speaking terrorist laden language but I here, in my own interpretation, am told clearly not to speak out. I have yet to decide what to do.Â


July 7, 2006.

To: Ted

From: Peter A.

Subject: Meeting Followup

cc. CEO (America), HR, Senior Managers


This letter is in response to your undated letter to the CEO and Founder , which has been forwarded to me for reply. As well, this letter will confirm the discussion with M. (Human Resource senior) and me concerning your demotion back in 2004.

As we discussed Ted, the decision to demote you was thoroughly reviewed at all levels in the organization through [our internal process] in 2004. As such, we will not be revisiting that decision.

You also requested we reconsider the decision of the Anti-Harassment Board that you breached the respectful and aceptable Conduct policies. The complaint against you was thoroughly investigated and the Board reviewed all the facts before reaching its conclusion. As set out in the policy, all decisions of the Anti-harassment are fianl. We are not prepared to revisit that decision.

It is our responsibility to provide an environment in which all employees feel safe and encouraged to contribute to our collective success. Your response to your fellow employees was threatening and in violation of our Respectful Workplace and Acceptable Conduct policies. Your demotion was the result.

You also raised concerns about a separate incident in which co-workers accused you of discrimination. [Actually, I raised the point that the senior Human Resource Rep told me in an earlier dicussion that I “could” be subject to discrimination on religous grounds if I pursued appeals or legal.]ÂAs per policy, a thorough investigation was conducted and the result was that no discrimination was found on your part. As per policy, we will investigate all complaints of harassment and / or discrimination and you should not feel affronted by the fact that an investigation was conducted.

If you encounter situations in the future where you feel you are being subjected to unwelcome comments, I encourageÂyou to bring them to the attention of a manager in order that we may address your concerns properly.

Ted, with respect to your letter to the [CEO and Founder], I must remind you we are committed to the principles set out in our Respectful Workplace policy and we respect and encourage equality and diversity within our organization. We will not condone any actions by you that undermine that commitment. I know you are well aware of the requirements under the ResectfulÂWorkplace policy and i trust that you will govern yourself accordingly.


Peter A. Managing Director – Central Canada


My only conclusion so far is Capitalism is not working here since individual discretion isn’t obvious. MultiÂ- racism is pointed as a legal gun to the head and philosophy is clouding judgment so this “moral” obligation stands, wreaking havoc in an otherwise rational environment. Â


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