July 4th. Independence!

Thank you America. Thank you historians and academics who are unafraid to continue to stand up for freedom and resist the political correctness of today!

Today I am glad I have stood up for freedom of speech. For freedom. I wore my new T- shirt (previous post) and was amazed, but not so amazed over the fact so manypretended not to see it, – averted their gaze and looked down. Canadians!! – in a “free country!!” I postered at the University in Toronto theflyer on freedom of speech (seeagain previous).

There was only one, one bum, a man sitting down with a paper coffee cup who looked me in the eye and said, “Right on!” He was wearing a worn, oldT – shirt with an American flag on it. I said “Yes, we have to learn to stand up. Look, because you aren’t afraid to wear your T – shirt and flagged me, I’ll give you some coins.” I gave himall of$4.00 dollars of coins I had in my pocket. “Thank you for not being afraid.” We talked just a few minutes and I left him to continue postering downtown. I postered at the university first, then downtown. I know I am on my own and accept it.

I had planned to go and stand by the American embassy but didn’t have enough time. Next timeI will. The only concern I have are afewwho tookpictures of me with their cellphones.I am glad of my decision not to fold. Civilization requires nothing less than to say what HAS TO BE SAID. ÂisÂ.

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About Tedd

Hello all, I grew up in British Columbia, Canada with wide open fields as my back yard. The mountains were mine for me to roam. I played, ran, swam and wandered in the beautiful mountains and lakes of central Okanagan. As I grew older, I traveled across Canada to New York, then Boston. I moved back to Canada. I settled back in B.C. , only to move to Toronto where I now currently live. Although I spent my youth in natural surroundings, I have spent most of my adult life in cities, which I love. As much as I enjoy nature, I love what man has done to the earth! Man has made a living! Man has made life possible for billions who would never be alive except for skills, ingenious tools, and technology. Carving nature to suit our purposes is breath taking, not just practical! We should be glad to be alive today! For us, using our minds to live is natural.
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