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I came across a Philippine festival in Toronto, and noticed a booth wherea fewChinese women were displaying, “Nine Commentaries on The Communist Party.” I was about to get angry and find a way to get the booth kicked out but, of course checked first what it was. I thought it might be promoting socialism.

Remarkably, it was nine essays exposing communist Chinese atrocities since the birth of the Chinese communist Party. I took the booklet and am reading it along with the newspaper given me. I find it amazing that a clear and honest account of collectivism is shown in today’s lukewarm, fence – sitting language today! Itis very enlightening. The reasonthe booklet is hard hitting is just because it tells the truth. Here is just one tiny tidbit on the, Nine Commentaries…


“When speaking about tyranny, most Chinese people are reminded of the Qin Dynasty…whose the oppressive court burnt philosophical books and buried Confiucian scholars alive…[The Emporer] wasted human labor to glorify himself; brutal torture under harsh laws and punishing even the offender’sfamily members and neighbors; and controlling peoples minds by blocking all avenues of free thinking and expression by burning books and even burying scholars alive…prohibiting freedom of thought on a massive scale…[those] who criticised the government were killed.

TODAY, the Chinese communist Party (CPP) violence and abuses are even more severe than those of the tyrannical Qin Dynasty.”

This was/is produced by the “Epoch Times.”

On November 2004, “The Nine Commentaries On The Communnist party”was published and distributed in Hong Kong. 30,000 copies, were gobbled up immediately, then published 30,000 more. In two hours it wasÂdistributed.The next day, 60,000 copies went quickly, so 250,000 copies were printed and was gone in less than four hours! In all, 600,000 copies were distributed and readby a population of six million. One in ten. Also, 40,000 Chinese tourists come from the mainland every day and read the booklet.

Epoch times calls this “Juiping” (Joeping) – an uncensored history of the Chinese Communist Party…and all the enormous crimes it has committed.

Themaindrawback I’d mention is that it is biased in favour of religeon – Falun Gong. This undermines it’s main, but moral expose of communism today. It is remarkable that a clear, and honest account of communism is told that makes western politicians quibbling compromisers and appeasers.

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