open letter to my company

From: Ted Harlson

Dear Company, HR Dept,
To add to what I brought up at the Tuesday Oct 18th morning meet, the following is submitted.

By simple observation it is clear that diversity celebrations are a celebration of race. Multiculturalism is, despite academic protestations, a new spin on the history of racism.

I’m going to try to bring multiculturalism and diversity into a realistic perspective.

I’ve worked hard and well for the company for ten years, many times going beyond company standards. Those who know me know this. So, I’m coming to you from my history and my potential.

In these years, I’ve come across a wide variety of people. It would have been utter chaos, if from a multiculturalists perspective, I approached them as interchangeable members of their race. My mind would have been in internal chaos if I approached people as representing their race or group? It would have been demeaning for them and utterly disgusting for me to entertain such a collectivist, racist approach. This however, is the multicultural creed.

I don’t see people as interchangeable members of their race. I’ve always looked at others as persons. Like most people, I see people as single, different, unique and human. I take it for granted that each person is different in character, yet basically the same overall. I’m pretty normal and I think this is how most see each other and should see each other.

Also, like most people, I greet people benevolently. This is due to a general, positive sense of reality. Like most people, after meeting, words and actions are observed. The closer the proximity, the sharper the observations. This is natural since words and actions of people do have effect.

After a period of observation and reflection, judgments are made, and the new person is treated accordingly. This is not only right, it is just.

This kind of social behavior is so common it is taken for granted. People simply do what they think is good for them and rarely question their minds.

This power of observation and good judgment is the focus of this letter. I want to identify it better so it won’t be taken for granted and be better appreciated.
What I want to bring out is the fact when people meet and work together; they do all this as individuals. It is unquestionably accepted. The reason it is unquestionably accepted is because it is so basic. Let’s identify it in metaphysical terms: people are single units.

In social behavior and action, this remains true and absolute. The individual is the proper social unit.

In the years I’ve worked, I’ve accepted this due to its force of reality. This reality has underpinned my approach to others. I’ve approached new workers and old relations in this clean, healthy honest way. This has resulted in a genuinely non-racist manner. What can I say? I did not defy the law of identity. As a result of seeing people as individuals, my relations have grown positively and produced good benefits for me and an excellent history of production for the company.

I had to ask myself, Why should individualism be held as an absolute? The individualist perspective must be held as an absolute to retain sanity. It is cognitively right to view people as individuals and to be respected as such. To hold this as an absolute is not a doctrine or a result of any imperative, it is not even a commandment! It is reality:a metaphysical fact.

I’m no shrink, but I know that the process towards mental sickness or mental corruption is a loosening or refusal to adhere to reality. Things and objects lose their essence and become interchangeable. They magically become something else.

The multiculturalists, in the same vein, accept “somehow? that a person becomes something other than himself. He “somehow” is now the group or race, a cell of the collective. The identity, non-identity of a racial, cultural region is somehow now that person. It isn’t so.

In reason, this sloppy, contradictory effort is wrong and inapplicable. Identity is lost and cognition is corrupted. It’s not even that individualism as an ideology is abandoned. It is much more destructive. The human mind is self deluded and reality is manipulated.

This new racism is now being forced upon employees and we are told to celebrate it.

According to this new racism, people are no longer themselves. They are now interchangeable part of a group- a racial group. This is a total and complete attack on individualism, identity and cognition. In action, the multicultural purpose is to overthrow common sense identity that has existed since man became man.

Since multiculturalism is a cognitive corruption, it has all the characteristics that reach into the soul and destroy. The multicultural approach is utterly devoid of respect for the individual, in spite of its claim to the contrary. Its approach is, “This group is what you are.” (In defiance of reality) It is disgusting to the core because people know immediately that they are unique. In addition, to be told their body chemistry now supersedes their cognitive capacity is shamefully backwards.

The multicultural drive is purposed to completely wipe out identity and common sense in a direct, vicious frontal attack, Rational choice is directly attacked with multicultural force. The very essence of a human being, his free will and sovereignty, is being completely and utterly destroyed. To be told to identify with a racial group is direct and aggressive racism. To leave no choice, is a total and complete assault on individual sovereignty.

This is happening now here in this company. If people won’t become selfless members of their race and they won’t meld into a morass of anonymity- a cell of the collective, this company in its aggressive campaign is doing it for them with these so called “diversity celebrations.”

There is so much wrong with multiculturalism, it is hard to know where to begin to point them out. Toleration is a major rationalization used to cover or hide the multicultural purpose.

My first question is toleration- of what?

I have no toleration for racial collectivism, including this multi- racism, yet I have all the toleration for someone who is trying. The difference is the context and reasoning.

For purposes of our work, toleration is applied to individual effort in learning or accomplishing a task or goal.

When someone has been properly trained at a function and does not perform at this function, I do not, as multiculturalism mandates, say,  “Hi Joe, why wasn’t your work done?” Was it your great grandfather’s gene or just your Uncle’s gene? Or was it your entire race that caused this underperformance?

Of course not.

There is absolutely no difference in a grandfathers genes causing X inaction or action than a history of ancestors causing it. Race determining human action is a spurious manipulation of reality. The cause of human action is individual, self generated, volitional choice. Any sane executive assumes this when hiring and firing. There is no collective thought here. If you don’t believe me, take a look around. No matter how many people are screaming “we”, it is still individuals screaming.

Anything within the bounds of reason and within the context of reality may or may not be tolerated, depending on choice. Anything outside of reason and reality may not. Racism (ethnicity is today’s form) is both unreasonable and irrational and deserves to be abandoned in favor of clear thinking and continued value building.

To make this clearer still, there are those who are demanding toleration for terrorist thoughts and actions. Will it take real destruction before one realizes toleration is not infinitely elastic? Racism is very destructive. Forcing it in with smiles and cake will not change its nature. There will always be those who are racist and eagerly latch onto diversity, yet corporate executives should have the leadership courage to say no. I think most Canadians know better.

The Corporate Context
Collectivism, racial identity was one of the fundamental evils the western world fought in order to be free. Modern racism grew largely unimpeded at the turn of the century. Fostered by academics, racism permeated all areas of society; the humanities, business, science, etc. Modern racism systematically destroyed the individual. The individual was seen only as a tool for great collective visions. Only America recognized the individual and was bitterly hated for it. Still is.

Historically, business rarely stood against these corruptions. They have in many ways led the rush to destruction. The same is true today. Canadian corporate relations to government is become blurred. Rather than being a clear and distinct entity- sovereign- corporate associations are unofficial tax collectors and now unofficial enforcers of government mandated ideas like multiculturalism.
This semblance of private ownership and control, with government dictating more and more behavior and thought used to be called fascism. Such reality is not to be celebrated. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

As individuals, we have choice, as I’ve exercised mine well for years here.

May I suggest this company form round tables and committees (across Canada) to look at reversing and shedding its multicultural practices. I am willing to sit on such a roundtable or committee. Employees deserve to be treated with respect.

If you have any questions, and I’m sure you do for this is not an easy subject, complicated by differing ethics, government intervention and plain inertia. However, within the bounds of reason, I think that a better formula can be structured than the one currently being “celebrated.”

Ted Harlson YYZ (e.e. ______)

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Hello all, I grew up in British Columbia, Canada with wide open fields as my back yard. The mountains were mine for me to roam. I played, ran, swam and wandered in the beautiful mountains and lakes of central Okanagan. As I grew older, I traveled across Canada to New York, then Boston. I moved back to Canada. I settled back in B.C. , only to move to Toronto where I now currently live. Although I spent my youth in natural surroundings, I have spent most of my adult life in cities, which I love. As much as I enjoy nature, I love what man has done to the earth! Man has made a living! Man has made life possible for billions who would never be alive except for skills, ingenious tools, and technology. Carving nature to suit our purposes is breath taking, not just practical! We should be glad to be alive today! For us, using our minds to live is natural.
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3 Responses to open letter to my company

  1. Prodos says:

    Hi Ted!

    Wow! That’s some “open letter”!

    Is this a letter that you actually sent to your company/employer?

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  2. Tedd says:

    Looking back, I am incredibly proud I spoke up against this corrupting form of racism in my company. It is now Feb, 2009 and this company has not, over the years since I submitted this letter, openly celebrated Multiculturalism.

    The Human Resource department has promoted it in company newsletters, but no one has stood up in open forums and pushed it. I’ve asked around a few times and no one has seen the company openly promote this racism.

    It seems a small victory in the moral sphere with employees here.
    However, multiculturalism is still quiet company policy and worse, fully embedded in our Canadian constitution. Diversity is still implemented when the company chooses who it will hire for various positions.

    Still much needs to be done in this social area or relations.

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  3. Tedd says:

    Today I just heard of a (local) Peel’s Regional Diversity Round table. This group supposedly has a cross section of key leaders of the community working to set up new strategies for implementing diversity, inclusion, among other forms of the new racism.
    The truth is this “Round Table” is a smorgasbord of all social workers, public and community social organizations in the region. These groups are all eager to grab an “equity share” of other peoples money. I am going to re-post my above comments in answer – to start!

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