U.S. Canada Trade War

Guiding a trade War. 

July 1, 2018

The president of the United States putting up tariffs to counter the world’s unfair politics constitutes a seismic shift in American politico-economic policy. The measures are more political than economic due Canada’s and the worlds, long standing politically embedded trade.

Whatever the end road, may I suggest, Canada best prepare by deregulating its own economy for more flexibility and maneuverability to meet the trade challenges ahead. 

American and Canadian tariffs will increase the domestic retail prices for Canadian citizens, so it will become necessary to open up our internal markets for greater competition. This can greatly lower costs and prices. Objectively speaking, it has been internal politicizing of our economy that cause tariffs in the first place. 

Politicizing of our economy is merely turned outward towards friendly countries.  

Trade corruptions lie in a fact. A broad fact, and least mentioned, is that economies world-wide do not have a clear and distinct separation of politics and economics. Due to, “mixed economies” innumerable corruptions exist that undermine capitalist producers. Many countries have used political leverage, not economic value to manipulate their sales to the U.S. and North America. 

Internally with this trade war underway, Canadian companies will not be without their own devious plotting. Canadian companies will take advantage of Canada’s restricted domestic market and exacerbate problems by jacking up their own prices unnecessarily simply because Canada does not have a separation of economics from politics. Competitive and uncompetitive companies will put themselves behind walls of government favour, generally tax money. This is unacceptable.

If Canadian leaders truly cared for citizens, deregulating would be the order of the day to off-set American and Canadian tariffs which are setting the conditions for a massive price rise of everything.

The current tariff trade war will be long and protracted which will, recognized or not, be a cultural struggle for freedom or tyranny to eventually rule the day. The end result wanted, a free economy, means Canada must find a way to separate its own economics from politics. The separation of government from economics must rule if we in North America want freedom and not tyranny.

Will you work towards freedom and away from coming tyranny? 

Thank you for your reply, 

Ted Harlson

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

Progressive Conservative, Leader opposition, Andrew Scheer.

Local Member Provincial Parliament, Prabmeet Singh.




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Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative leadership win

I wrote the following the same night Doug Ford won the leadership of Ontario, Canada’s Progressive Conservative contest.


I watched the CBC love in coverage of the PC leadership party. 

The coverage was very light hearted and kind, so affectionate was the patience and viewpoints of the host. 

The CBC coverage was more bold and ahead of other media coverage with its news reporter Mike Crawley. He did excellent work finding out what was going on ahead of the other reporters. Where he was not completely right, he was careful to say so. 

Government media (CBC) seems to me to have done a turn around this term. Prior, the CBC was highly critical of PC campaigns, demolishing them wherever and whenever possible. 

However, since Patrick Brown’s emergence of a Liberal platform, his fall and the PC party near downfall, it seems Media has helped the PC party get back on its feet. 

At the PC leadership convention, I saw many PC ancients who had their hand in bringing this great province to its knees. They, including Federal sponsors were tripping over themselves in glee to spout their worn rhetoric about PC,“unity” and winning the coming provincial election. If there is to be any new ideas there, it would probably be lifted from the pages of the Freedom Party. 

Nothing in his celebration speech mentioned anything about cap & trade, or carbon tax elimination. He said nothing about the horrid state of educational indoctrination, or about standing up for free speech. 

Doug Ford, the close winner of the vote for leadership said nothing of substance. He stated at the most Ontario will be back in business, and he will,“bring prosperity back to this province.” Any politician can state that then return a little bit of [your] tax dollars.  

I suspect Doug Ford will talk tough but tow the middle ground, that middle ground paved by Patrick Brown in order to try to win the general election. If he wins the general election, I do not expect him to focus on what the electorate wants, fresh air and freedom. We will have blue Liberalism instead of Red Liberalism.

The PC party will remain true to their colours, big government, big spending, and growing statism. 

   – Ted Harlson, Freedom Party member


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Freedom Party election platform 2018

In direct opposition to Canada’s shameful, left wing political parties vying for ever more power, and not principles come June 2018.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let us raise a glass to freedom. To freedom’s lost. To freedom to be regained. To Freedom! Cheers!


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Ontario: Exercising Property Rights

Learning objectivism as theory is critical for setting future direction and for living a good life, but professional application, as example law, can be difficult. This especially true when political influence reverses historical precedents of reason and objectivity. Clarification of rights is needed.

You may not know I am in a few lawsuits against government violations of rights. The group I’m fighting with (co-plaintiffs) is named, CANACE, (Canadians for Charter Equality). This is for equality before the law.

The organizer of CANACE, Gary McHale is holding a much needed seminar in Burlington, Ontario on fighting for your property:


Where do you stand if government unlawfully encroaches on your property? What do you say and what do you do? Do you have sovereignty? How?

I recommend buying your ticket(s) early. This will most certainly be a standing room only seminar. If you see me there, say hello.

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Accept what life demands for living

In Raymond De Souza’s National Post commentary, 

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox are proud to be slain by ISIL for their Christianity. That is awesome

he recounts Christians murdered, bombed, and beheaded by Jihadists in the Middle East. This in his eyes’ garners admiration and praise for the murdered, “amazing grace” and “faith.” He is actually whitewashing justice.

Raymond De Souza feigns a little anger without action and instead states in awe, “It is not their (Coptic Christians) choice to be killed because they were Christians. It is their choice to receive that martyrdom precisely as Christians, strengthened, not diminished in their faith. It is an inspiration, just as those Coptic Christians beheaded on the beach two years ago whispered the name of Jesus as the Jihadists drew their knives against their necks. “Those Coptic Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East will receive no justice from North American Christians, if Raymond De Souza represents any kind of example. In fact, that very attitude friends, is a coming train wreck.

If you believe western civilization was built on Judaea-Christian values, then the above is where the faithful who are willing to sacrifice others will meet the faithful willing to be sacrificed by others. The end result is obvious, bloodshed, without justice, reason or reality. Barbaric, murderous and totalitarian regimes of the Middle East fully believe in sacrificing Western Christians who, in turn, fully believe in being sacrificed. Both sides feed the same sacrificial furnace.

Raymond De Souza’s attitude towards human life is so unrealistic as to be vile. You may say, “But he doesn’t really believe in such radical assertions.” I say, there it is. Raymond De Souza wrote it and means it, as do all variations of Christian leaders with their admiration and awe towards the act of being murdered. Sacrifice is their living glory.

In truth, they are whitewashing the acts of barbaric murderers.

It is justice to rationally scrutinize men, and treat them according to their ideas and actions. Raymond De Souza is a killer of mankind because he refuses to see justice. He refuses to see.

Contrast this banality with history from a better time.

When the hordes of mystic barbarians marched on ancient Greece, they did not bow, let alone sing praises to being murdered. King Leonidas would not sacrifice even one handful of dirt or one bag of water in homage to the approaching black Persian army. The Greeks had honor, ego, reason and reality, and therefore pride in their life. The Greeks acted with integrity and justice.

Western civilization was built on these better virtues and values of ancient Greek culture. Reason and reality were Western anchors. Had western civilization been built on Judea-Christian values, North America would still be in the dark ages.

With Raymond De Souza’s attitude, we would all revert to sacrificing and sacrifices as a norm, so let us reject Raymond De Souza’s evil sacrificial attitude in favor of justice, defending and valuing our life. Let us say no to mystic idealism here and abroad.

Let us accept what life demands for living.

                                                                                                 — Ted Harlson                  April 19, 2017

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What’s wrong with this picture?

I would call the likes of “Father Raymond J. de Souza” | April 11, 2017 3:45 PM ET

….thekillersofthemodernworld.A world where religious leaders enact the worst atrocities and rejoice in it, this “Father” is happy those upon whom the atrocities are being done, are rejoicing. What’s wrong with this picture?

Altruism is what’s wrong with the picture. Sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice, both as initiating and as victim. Both killer and killed here are evil.

The murder of anyone should demand justice, not rejoicing. An idealism so far removed from reality that causes blindness to reality used to be questioned as a form of insanity not too long ago. Whats wrong with this picture?

Everything, including point blank bluffing about the existence of a zero.


Father Raymond J. de Souza: Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox are proud to be slain by ISIL for their Christianity. That is awesome


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A Bad Decision

I don’t think many are interested in my life as they are interested in theirs. With this, I’m going to add a new catagory to my blogs that will be revealing (to myself as well) as never before. It may greatly help your own life.

I am going to cover religion (faith) as it affected me personally – as it cannot affect anyone any other way. Explaining may be difficult but truthful from my more mature and objective understanding of the world.

I came from a desparately poor family. My parents were Canadian Indians who struggled against the general chaos inherent on Indian reservations due to the Indian Act, Canada’s shameful, despotic legislation. I am also part Norwegian. I still have pictures of both sides of my family. My mother was  a short full blooded Shuswap Indian from British Columbia’s interior and I have old, stiff, proper pictures of my grandfather in a British army uniform showing my fathers side of the family.  It must have been difficult for my great grandfather to be with an Indian woman back then. My Uncle showed me where my grandfather lived in a small one room log house. He pointed to the Indian village, then pointed to the log house way up the hill where my grandmother and grand father lived their lives. I thought to myself, “Oh so they were ostracized in a way, apart from the Indians. It may have been just as difficult for my father (half- breed) to live with my mother in small BC towns due to the outright prejudice back in the 20’s.

My parents made a very bold decision when they were young. They decided it would be better if their children grew up off the Indian reservation. They moved off reserve so their children would have opportunity. I am forever grateful to them for making that major choice. My mother was a domestic housewife for the most part, but helped with labour as she was allowed by the then cultural taboos of society. My father was a logger, long shoreman, rum runner, apple picker, – a drinker and fighter. He drank hard and lived hard, but mostly away from us, his children. We saw little of him. A few times a year he would come and move in. In his later years, he moved in several months for apple picking season. My father eventually died hard, killed in a fight, run over by a train in some brawl in Seattle, Washington.

I was 14 when that happened and my mother died of depression two years later when I was 16. I left ‘home’ and started working in farmer’s fields to survive. It was during this tumlutous times I looked up at the starry night above, one cold midnight and wondered about what life was about, where would I go?

My pre-teen remembrance was being told to kneel on the living room floor to “pray” for forgiveness and to thank God for the food we would eat. My mother made us younger kids do this in her religious moments around the age of 5 to 12. I always wondered “why” and resisted the forced submission by smirking with my other brothers and sisters whenever possible. We laughed at this silly action which was followed by the force and fear of spankings we knew were coming if we disobeyed too openly. Their was no answer that made sense but I had to submit and I didn’t like it.

Now here I was, at 16. My father was dead. My mother was more dead than alive by her constant sleeping, drinking and prescription drugs. She kept talking about some, “dark side.” I was irritated at her for not getting up and doing something.

It was at this time at midnight was walking along an orchard road where I grew up, in Winfield B.C., looking and thinking of a bigger picture, – of “God”. I wasn’t afraid. I just didn’t know what to do next. My future was a blank. I tried to think of things and “God” was just a thought, and idea in my mind, the only early training I had of a bigger picture.

It was here, alone that night I decided my fate and made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. At 16 I tried to think of bigger ideas and the biggest one I could imagine was a God, an all enveloping something as I had heard. Despite having resisting this idea while being forced as a child, all alone in the middle of the night, I judged the idea itself and said to myself, “Okay. God” and accepted it.

From then I felt freer, uneasy but I just joined others with this idea. There was also an uneasiness so quiet it was easy to disregard. Instead I let myself believe that word, God in my mind was “up there.” I didn’t know how it could possibly help me but I felt better accepting what I had pumped at me for years. I didn’t know or care I just disregarded process of thought.

I know now feeling freer was not because there was a God, but merely the fact I did not allow myself to be in suspension, but made a decision. That decision to accept “God” would hold a ruinous future for me but I did not know it there in the middle of the night. I returned to the house I lived and didn’t tell anyone. I felt ashamed to admit such an acceptance of a God to anyone. Something about the whole thing felt wrong but easy to ignore. In the days that followed I said nothing about my “conversion” and soon forgot about deciphering what it meant. On my own I started going to different churches to see if I could find anyone who thought the way I did. That too was a mistake, but much less dangerous than the one I made in the middle of that night looking at the stars.


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Yaron Brook in Toronto: The Morality of Capitalism

Yaron Brook gave Canada healthy food for thought. Yaron Brook offered freedom based on individual rights, and a Free Market Revolution! These three words can be used as a principle against the torrent of decades of growing rules and regulations suffocating Ontario’s economic and cultural life.

The idea is born. It now needs to be fleshed out by those who attended the talk, those who bought the book, and all those who are yet to see the idea to turn them into action.

It will happen as truth cannot be buried in silence forever. Those who want to live will speak out and create a free market revolution in Ontario to save this province from its regulatory strangulation’s.

– Ted.

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The Morality of Capitalism Toronto Canada


This visit by Dr. Yaron Brook was a breath of fresh air in our cultural cesspool of pull peddlers in Ontario.  Pull peddlers are businessmen who have become political peddlers. This mind blowing message is now for you to see! The message Yaron Brook gives is so critically right and important, based on Ayn Rand’s fundamental principles. Click here to see “liquid lunch” interview


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Tax Pit Say No! Say Yes to your own life!

This is a one pager I have been distributing around my neighborhood to counter new taxes proposed by city council. I’m pioneering the free market revolution right where I live!

Say Yes to Your own life!

Say Yes to Your own life!

Say No to Brampton’s Tax Pit

Say Yes to your own life!


Dear Neighbor,

The hole in the ground at Queen St / George St downtown is an immense tax pit that will be filled with millions of your tax dollar increases. But city council claims, “These costs will be funded by the reallocation of tax funded capital spending beginning in 2014 and not through additional property taxes.”

A growing network of bureaucrats do more than reallocate money, but Mayor Susan Fennel and council promise mere reallocation for fortressing downtown. Watch where cost increases in Brampton will emerge. You’ll foot the bill. City council and government networks cannot have its cake and eat you too.

1. “Strategic investing” is a result of your savings, not of public taxation and political favoring of funds.

“We are building the Brampton of the future right now” say’s city manager, Deborah Dubenofsky.

The truth is however,

2. “Creating jobs” is a result of private investing, not wasteful redistributive programs.

Stop for a moment and see where irresponsible governing has brought us today.


Non-productive entity

Paychecks: $100,000+ government salary club growing

Highest paid mayor in Canada

Wastes your taxes on schemes. Growing debt


Productive entity

Paychecks: Virtual fixed income

Pay increases below inflation

Little or no money left over to save. Growing debt

Tax revolts are good, justified, angry, but temporary reactions. Lobbying is special interest favoring, i.e., environmental propagation or corporate “partnering.” All favoring has diverted finances, destroyed free market growth and wasted independent energy. Politicians and bureaucrats have killed progress through redistributive, forceful strategy and modern guild building. We need to untangle this mess. The need today is to enact political freedom to break their recession. But how?

The proof of what is right and good is gauged by profit. But your standard of living has been halved by growing tax holes, burdening levies, highly restrictive rules, regulations and irresponsible market and price controls. The city of Brampton is not innocent and mean to take more!

Solutions exist but it will take more than complaining by the water cooler. The Freedom Party of Ontario has solid ideas but is virtually unknown here. I am letting you know directly. This political party understands the value of freedom based on individual rights, property rights with respect to consent. Governing with principles that respect your life as a right is still possible. But your sovereignty must be stated – and defended! You own your life!

Maybe you don’t vote, yet, your life is still important to you. Whatever route you take, you must still hold on to what’s left of yours.

A free market revolution is required. Nothing less will do

Meet: Sunday April 14, 2013. Time: 3 PM.   Where: 9 Queen St E (Coffee Culture) Downtown

Contact: Ted


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